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  1. Knife Pistol Match Last Night

    Had the most fun playing with @Sikosis999 and a few others, using only knives and pistols! we should definitely have something like that with the members once a month! I know a few people dont like getting knifed but it was still hilarious
  2. Do You Use Dolby Atmos?

    I love it! It definitely makes footsteps easier to hear!
  3. Battle.net ID Tags

  4. Hey I'm a lilpinkninja and want to say hey

    I originally was on the Xbox since the first one came out, I never really PC gamed except for playing the occasional The SIMS from time to time. I also did play an MMORPG called knight online a very long time ago but that faded out quickly. I started medical school and switched over to OSX and just used my console for gaming. I got into PC gaming actually by meeting people through twitch and developing friendships with them actually made me realize I was missing out a lot on the gaming community and although I do love my console still, I definitely don't regret making the leap recently into PC gaming.
  5. Hey I'm a lilpinkninja and want to say hey

    @Viper I am sorry for the late reply, my internship has had me on call consecutively! I am still fairly new to ranked side of the game because I wanted to practice and learn everything before I started with the whole comp route so as of now I have 7 comp wins, I thought it was better to learn the callouts, sprays, maps, smokes etc before starting comp and it definitely helped ALOT! I will definitely stop by the CSGO section and say hi soon!
  6. Hello Everyone! Hope you are alright So I have had ARK for a while but to be honest I have never ever played it and whenever I spawn I just get eaten or slapped into the next millenia by a dinosaur! haha What is the best place to begin? Sorry if this is a silly question, I've always loved watching videos of this game, just never got the hang of it.
  7. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    As much as I wholeheartedly love the battlefield franchise, I do not know how I fee about the game, even after the game play videos/streams I have seen. I really need to play a beta before I can commit to buy anything, I have faith in DICE but not EA, they have broke my heart too many times.
  8. Subbed or Dubbed

    Honestly it depends on the anime for me, some of the dubbed anime's i love like cowboy bebop but 90% of the time I go subbed all the way! Sometimes for fun though I enjoy watching subbed, then dubbed to see how silly the voice actors are haha
  9. Game of Mercy's

    Oh my goodness I can not stop laughing at this! They are playing ring around the rosey with mercys hahahaha
  10. Hey I'm a lilpinkninja and want to say hey

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome I really appreciate it!
  11. Hey Everyone, How are you all today? I just recently came across your bf4 servers and have heard nothing but good things about this community from two new members xgiftofgodx and shaneclipse97. I am a medical intern and gaming is my release. I have been playing battlefield since bad company 1 on the xbox and recently converted to PC gaming. I also enjoy playing CSGO and call of duty. I would love to join your community because it seems like a great place to be around, I have had nothing but fun playing on your servers. Looking forward to meeting you all on the battlefield, or even on overwatch.

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