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  1. Introduction

    @James33 thanks for the welcome. One question: do all ADK members wear the ADK tag on Exile?
  2. Introduction

    I mean like a post or posts where ppl make public their playing times so that other ppl that overlap playing times can get together. For example I play somewhere between 8pm - 1am GMT+2 on ADK's Exile Chernarus server and i would like to get in touch with other ADK members that do the same.
  3. Introduction

    @Gingergod5 sure thing. Is there however a place in the forum where all the people that play a specific game can sync?
  4. Introduction

    Hey @Nova, thanks for the welcome, it's great to be here! To quickly answer your questions: I started playing on the ADK exile server and that brought me here to the forums. The favorite thing about living in Romania? Hmmm that's a hard one. I'm used to living here, with the customs and traditions, most of my friends are here, it's nicer to go out for a drink in my language ;). When i think of it though, all my vacations are outside Romania, especially the ski ones since we don't have that great ski slopes. And I do ski a lot... I have played a lot of Battlefield but ever since i have found DayZ i started playing Arma 2/3 mods. I guess I'll have to find some time for BF as it was a lot of fun, and I think it will be even more fun with a team.
  5. Introduction

    Yes I did, only shortly today though as i need to prepare for the weekend leave. But I have used it before with people I have met on the server. Hopefully I'll meet the ADK arma guys next week. And i forgot to mention, i usually play evenings to midnight+ and I'm on GMT+2 (Europe)
  6. Introduction

    I'm not actually looking for an admin position on any games, sorry. I will try to get back to BF as lately i was doing a lot of Arma 3 exile :D. Oh, and you'll have to work hard with that knife :)))
  7. Introduction

    I'm just filling the form as we speak
  8. Introduction

    Hi, I'm Martzipan and i'd like to join the community. I'm over 30 and i play the Arma 3 Exile and Battledield 3&4. I do play a lot on the ADK Chernarus exile server and i'd like to have a team that i can rely on. Hope we meet on the server.

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