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  1. she is not so good looking for a gold digger >_>

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. darkelf1


      they are the perfect predator...t-rex and great white combined...

    3. Greatkingjulian


      Oh gosh I don't even know how to reply to that

    4. darkelf1


      you can't...it's the truth...lol

  2. finding an architecture job is impossible :( #welp

    1. darkelf1


      glad to see you still around...good luck on the job hunt...

  3. welp!!!!

    @[member='OneXheadstone'] I7-2600 and GTX 760, 120 SSD and 2TB harddrive
  4. welp!!!!

    @[member='FailApprentice'] so i tried what dynasty said... that didnt help at all :( 
  5. welp!!!!

    @[member='FailApprentice'] thanks man i will take a look at that!!  also i have mouse acceleration off and raw inout on.   but this doesnt happen with csgo tho. so if i turn off the acceleration in windows, would that effect any other games?
  6. welp!!!!

    so i need all your help. this is the problem, so whenever i move my mouse too much ingame, my screen freezes for a sec or 2. its only happening to bf games like bf3 and bf4!!   do you guys know whats going on or how to fix it? i even redownloaded the game but it didnt fix that problem :( 
  7. R42 - Battlefield Server Patch - 9/30/2014

    @[member='Bromance'] really i thought it was cause of harddrive. so you saying it could be a network or GPU issue. can you tell me what is wrong with me? i have 20 down and 10 up. and i have 760? when i play with my buddies they load in faster cause they have the game on ssd. even tho i have better internet than them.
  8. R42 - Battlefield Server Patch - 9/30/2014

    @[member='OneXheadstone'] you cant see players cause your computer takes longer to load. you can fix that problem by having the game on your SSD. but idk about other stuffs. could be sever. but we cant really tell if they are hacking or not. cause we cant watch the game we played unlike csgo :
  9. R42 - Battlefield Server Patch - 9/30/2014

    @[member='armorer'] yeah but in a way its good thing for future games. hopefully they learned from all the mistakes they made in bf4
  10. R42 - Battlefield Server Patch - 9/30/2014

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbqPsWTTZXU   what do you guys think about the new patch? 
  11. M249 or MG4?

    @[member='Shortchit93'] lol cause murica. best reason yet ;) hhah 
  12. awwww yeah! just ordered Y40 laptop :D...now i wait 10-12 days :(

  13. M249 or MG4?

    @[member='WesHoye'] i know that feeling... #firstworldproblems :p hehe
  14. M249 or MG4?

    @[member='TumorHead'] good man!! hope you have alot of fun while using it :)   @[member='1DesertPanther'] ahah also the sound of the MG4 is so much sexier lol. whenever i hear the M249, it sounds like you are shooting paintball gun :p lol
  15. M249 or MG4?

    @[member='Depressive_Sloth'] Hamilton eh hahah nice and you should try it, its amazing hahah and thanks budd ;)   @[member='Fluff'] M249 all the way!! it just feels bettter and feels good to use it.    @[member='1DesertPanther'] thans budd. add me its CallMeJules. 

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