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    North Carolina
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    Your mom, etc.

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    Double Unicorns

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    Lol. Speed test.
  1. Lolwut?

  2. Lolwut?

    A quick google search of ridiculously awesome came up with this picture.
  3. Lolwut?

    Or the right time.
  4. Lolwut?

    Subjective. Few would call what I actually do 'dancing'.
  5. Lolwut?

    I like gay bars, the men do crazy moves and its always packed. I can dance there.
  6. Lolwut?

    Its the yeasty smell, especially with beer. It's also that same smell fresh bread usually has. I can't stand it.
  7. Lolwut?

    OH YEAH, well. I really wasn't. I don't mind getting blasted and telling you. I get paid tomorrow, the next time I'm not working the next day I'll do it. PS, I never died. just the computer did.
  8. Lolwut?

    I am Jennifer. I am awesome. I'm 21 and I live in Charlotte, NC. I work at Target and Radioshack, but I don't have a car. I don't like the smell of alcohol, and I can't dance. I go by whatever the fuck I feel like going by on steam. The following picture is of my girlfriend and me.

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