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  1. hello

    Nice to meet you men.
  2. Hi im Mace!

    Hey men welcome to he community, hope to see you on team speak some time. enjoy
  3. Hi how ya doin?

    Hey nice to meet you , welcome hope to see you around sometime.
  4. Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your time here. Welcome
  5. Mohu Reporting For Duty! (New member)

    Welcome me hope to see you on ts. Enjoy your time.
  6. =ADK= I love you all men :)

    1. xRingmastressx


      ;'( But... I am not a man ;'( ::cries::

    2. IC_Chevy


      O am sorry of course I love the ladies ;)

    3. Greatkingjulian


      but the KING julian more right ;)

  7. A new member from PlanetSide 2

    Hey welcome mate, see you on ts sometime.
  8. Hello

    Welcome to the community.
  9. MarineRecon or KebuleDraga (PS2)

    Welcome enjoy yourself.
  10. Bonjor, PATTDIZZLE in da house.

    Welcome to the forums men, nice to meet you.
  11. Hello my name is Daniel

    Hey welcome to the forums hope to see you around soon.
  12. Thought I'd say hello

    Hey very nice to meet you . am Chevy hope to see you around sometime.
  13. Introducing TheLazyEngineer

    lol anyways welcome to the forums men, see you around sometime.
  14. MrSnipe1

    [quote name='MrSnipe1' timestamp='1353284605' post='54736'] I don't really know what to say other than : I go by Mister Snipe or Snipe, I live in Minnesota and I am looking for a bunch of people to play BF3 with and have fun. And that's my boring introduction post. [/quote] Welcome nice to meet you am Chevy, hope to see you in game sometime and on ts
  15. Going home for Thanksgiving. Won't be on BF3 for a few days


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