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    I live in a tree growing in the middle of the ocean

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  1. Ideas For In-Houses!

    Bait teh Reins - (I dont take credit for this game mode, IT IS NOT MINE) played in 6v6 lockout elimination mode team 1: gengi only 300% movement speed 300% jump all disabled except quick melee quick melee damage 200% double jump on team 2: reinhardt only 500% movement speed (can be set to 300 if too ridiculous) 300% jump charge only charge speed 500% play on oasis gardens here is the video I got it from go to 7:45
  2. ARK Boss Event - Dec 2!

    It depends on what version of the boss, but you would generally bring a high level T-Rex or Griffin
  3. ADK Overwatch 3v3 Tournament!

    LAST SLOT thank you so much liz, I just hit 50 AidenNAbeddi#1952
  4. ADK Overwatch 3v3 Tournament!

    I really want that tracer picture!!! I am almost lvl 50
  5. Ideas For In-Houses!

    Tracer's electrical surge Team 1: one person Tracer with bottomless clip and no cooldowns on abilities Movement 200% Team 2: Any Heroes except healers, normal stats. Any map, any mode
  6. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    My brother wants a copy Steam name: InfernalHunt Steam ID: infernalhunt Not streaming Can play afternoons and weekends
  7. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam name : AidenNAbedding Steam ID: child_of_lies I can play weekdays around 3-4 PM est and anytime on weekends
  8. Civilization VI Giveaway!

    Guess 1: May 4, 1607 (founding of jamestown in Virginia) Guess 2: March 1st, 1872 (Yellowstone National Park established) Guess 3: February 24th, 1954 (Sid Meier's birthday) Wait I thought is said the 31st. Well guess not now
  9. Aiden Introduction Post

    @NovaI have been playing the TCR Reborn server, and I love it! This is the best gaming community I have ever been to!
  10. Aiden Introduction Post

    I play a lot of games, and I enjoy playing them with other people. Right now I am intrested in Minecraft and ARK. (note that I am still on the younger side)

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