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  1. Count to 1,000

  2. Introducing My Self.

    Welcome to ADK! I hope to see you around some soon!
  3. I started a new blog :) - www.TheLogicalFallacy.com

    Nice! I'll be sure to stay up to date on any of the posts, the latest post I read seems pretty nice.
  4. UCLA: Center For Prehospital Care

    Nice, Tactical SWAT medic would be awesome, these all sounds like cool careers.
  5. What is your favorite action movie?

    I like the Bourne series a whole lot, just the idea of being a spy and the intense action.
  6. Post your favorite TV show here

    Mine would most likely be Family Guy, and like DrDoom said, I also like Criminal Minds. It's just that I like how suspenseful Criminal Minds is, and Family Guy is pretty humorous.
  7. The wait is over

    Nice! You should show us the picture of what it looks like when it is finished.
  8. Powerball Anyone?

    My family and I usually don't get Powerball because of the rare chances of winning. Good luck though!
  9. Pets

    I don't have a picture of my pets, but I have a pomeranian which is black and white, pretty hyper, and a pomeranian mixed with something else we don't know, he's also pretty hyper and playful.
  10. What game should I play?

    Personally, I like Rocket League. You should try it out.
  11. UCLA: Center For Prehospital Care

    Good job mate. What job do you want to pursue with this?
  12. Hello

    Welcome to ADK mate, I'm also new. Hopefully we can play together on TS3 sometime. I can play some LoL with you as well.
  13. Trump or Clinton

    Honestly, I would vote for neither. I know it is a civic responsibility to vote in the USA, but they are both just so bad, I probably would not vote.
  14. Gotgutts

    Welcome, I hope to see you around dude! Maybe we can play together on TS3 sometime.

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