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  1. free handgun unlock pack

    Yeah, it's one a month. New one should be out today.
  2. 0 health bug or not?!?

    I believe they fixed it. I think the way health works is it's actually 1 to 300, with 1-100 being a percentage.
  3. How much does it cost per 64 slot server monthly? Just curious. I think there are a lot of people who will donate if they see incentive, but the only thing there is the reserved slots, which I can't imagine are paying for the servers by themselves.
  4. BF4 Game Update March [LIVE]

    It's red/blue? I thought it was orange... It looks orange to me.
  5. Nice work people - BF population 2/9/2014

    That's pretty impressive. Need more people in Domination, it's almost always empty.
  6. Look At This Gay Crap

    My first 3 gold from the deluxe gave me 3 50%s and 4 25s, and a couple paints/camos.
  7. Need some HD space

    He's talking about an SSD, not a normal HDD. A 1tb SSD costs about $1000. No reason to keep gun files on an SSD but not the expac, just put the rest on your HDD (unless you have only an SSD?).
  8. Yesterday I hit a rock and just went flying, didn't explode, but wow I went far. This game has interesting collision mechanics to say the least.
  9. Bf4 Music

    I listen to a lot of things, depends on my mood and what I'm doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmin5WkOuPw This is usually good for a lot of things.
  10. BF4 Game Update March [LIVE]

    Cool, looks like pistols will be a lot better. Also, even more damage for DMRs?
  11. If you havent seen this...it just got real

    How the... how? I've blown myself up with an RPG midair, if that counts.
  12. I read that as 2/31. I know that doesn't exist. I just did anyway. I thought the 790 was set to be released in May, though?
  13. Need tips on best fps keyboard and mouse

    Basically just pick something based on what you need. I have a Corsair M95 and TTEsports Meka G-Unit, and that adds up to about 28 macro keys, which is completely unnecessary in an FPS game, but is great in WoW. If you're just playing BF4, I wouldn't spend a lot of extra macro keys and features that you need to clean and worry about. I like Corsair's mice personally because they're the most durable I've ever seen, with full aluminum on the bottom. The M65 has an 8200 DPI sensor with a sniper button, meaning you can go from aiming quickly to super precise accuracy with one button. Steelseries also has some really nice mice, nothing too complicated, which is good for FPS. They are nicely built (they used to all be cheap plastic, that has changed), and have good software. They look nice too. Just make sure whatever kind you get, get a matte or rubberized paint, gloss tends to wear off and get sweaty, which is unpleasant.   As for keyboards, mechanical is the best by far. They last forever and feel so much better after a long day of typing or gaming. The type you get depends completely on your preference, and I recommend going to a store like Fry's or Best Buy to try some out. There are a bunch of different switches like Cherry red, brown, black, blue, etc. Red, black, and brown are best for gaming, because they allow quick double-presses. Blue makes an audible clicking sound when you press it, and you can feel when it actuates. Brown does not make the clicking sound, but has the tactile feedback, the bump you feel when you press the key. Red and black are the same in that they do not have tactile feedback and are not clicky, the difference between them is that red requires less actuation force than a rubber dome, while black requires more. Really any mechanical keyboard you get is going to high quality, because all the switches are made by the same brand, so it really boils down to software, aesthetics, and features. I purchased mine because it has 12 macro keys and illuminates important keys like WASD, but like I previously stated, that's not necessarily good for FPS games. The macro keys are just going to sit there. Corsair probably makes the best, although they are the most expensive. CM has some good ones too, but I don't have much experience with them. I don't want to appear to have a bias to TTEsports, but they seem to have the most selection, and they have multiple fully backlit keyboards.
  14. Whats it like for hackers:

    I think a lot of people cheat because they have fun doing something that they normally would never have the skill to do. Of course some people just want to piss people off, and others just want to be noticed.
  15. Uhm, there is no 790, there's a 780 and 780 ti though.

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