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  1. Uh.

    Yeah, topic. I can't say I'm the most easy to know or get along with person. Or to talk to. I tend to be blunt and say the things everyone else is afraid to say, and it gets me in trouble. I'm honest, but honesty isn't always nice. But I do have a soft side, if that helps any. I like video games. Surprise, surprise. Am I any good? Nope. I play for fun, when I find the time. Mainly TF2 or minecraft, or any game I can get to run on my Radeon HD 4350 with the fan that won't spin. I could play Minecraft for hours on end without stopping, and TF2 is the same for me on a good day. I used to play a lot of Halo, but I kinda fell off of that wagon a year or two ago when I sold my 360. I'll still play some Custom Edition games here and there on my PC, though. There isn't really a lot to say. I'm mainly here looking to meet people and have a good time doing something I love doing. It's been rather a slump for me on the internet since my last home on the internet died, and with it many fond memories of the users and friends that I had made when I was 15 going to 19. But people move on, times change, and places die. It's part of life. I figured, with the constant invites that I had gotten from the ADK group to join, and my playing on the TF2 servers, I'd go ahead and join, check out the forums, and see what there was. Honestly, I'm going to try this out, stick around, and see if it's a good place to chill for a while. Hopefully for a long time. So yeah. That's me in a nutshell. A bit of personality, a bit of interest, and more than enough text for being as quiet as I tend to be. Thanks for reading.
  2. Member Picture Thread

    What a great thread to find when I first join! God I am such a picture whore.

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