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Everything posted by Imabobz

  1. Shizzah Strikes again :P    But your right though :P its becouse of the humblebundle.com < blame them and there cheap game deals :D
  2. Something is nothing in till you make it something

    1. RiserTheGreat


      And Dynasty told me to not post stuff like this because " It's not facebook" :P

    2. thatirishguy


      Doesn't matter. It's not a rule. And it's a STATUS UPDATE. It's whatever we want our status to be, right?

  3. Nothing....Nothing at all.

  4. What are you listening to right now?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njos57IJf-0 Best.music.Ever.
  5. Spectator Mode Preview - Battlefield 4

    Right?This is going to help so much on  preventing hackers because you will be able to see if they are tracking people though walls :D  
  6. Guess Whos Birthday Is Today?!?!

    Happy birthday 
  7. [Poll] BF3 Server - 2 Options

    When is this poll going to end?
  8. [Poll] BF3 Server - 2 Options

    Metro EXPLOSIVES HARDCORE, Make it happen.
  9. need help guys

    im going to be sitting in there for a bit see if that helps?
  10. Aggressive Sniping #1

    Something you may want to do is take out the sound of teamspeak and Game and put in some copyright free music?
  11. =ADK= TF2 revival? We need some defibs over here!

    i like the game and play it whenever i feel bored and i have nothing to do.
  12. We Are Not Just A Battlefield Community

    It looks great :) Good job pepsi :)
  13. Beans give me Yo Beans :) Welcome Gerbal :)
  14. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    This is my Set-up :D It Still needs Impovements like cupholders :P[attachment=1175:936397_642862105740637_538096475_n.jpg]
  15. Welcome Tenbear :D Your a great guy to play with :D
  16. =ADK= Team Speak Theme Released!

    You have no idea..........  
  17. ADK Minecraft Hunger Games Server!!

    ^Shame :P i love Hungergames :P
  18. Welcome to the upgraded website!

    Verry Relivent there Zsadist . 
  19. Welcome to the upgraded website!

    does this mean we wont get ip banned from the site anymore :O
  20. Re: 3rdDegreeBryns Community

    ^i like the Part about me and Zsadist That put a smile on my face :P (Btw i will allways back AOB and allways was/Have)
  21. Dayz shit

    Dayz shit
  22. War Z preview from PC Gamer ...

    Nope it made ALOT of money putting out this game,and they are still trying to premote it.
  23. Suggestion for Metro Plugin

    i say we need a votenuke <That would be fun :D
  24. Scrim vs RR

    I would have subz in one of the jets he could really have fun there :P
  25. Friends origin Account Got hacked/stole Any help

    Thats the only thing you could do .

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