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  1. 02/23/2018 In-House Game Mode Poll

    Let's keep the votes coming!
  2. Hero Guide: Reaper

    Overview Hellfire Shotguns, the ghostly ability to become immune to damage, and the power to step between shadows make Reaper one of the deadliest beings on Earth. Abilities The Reaping Passive Ability Icon Stats Official Description Healing 20% of hero damage dealt Reaper steals health from his enemies as he damages them Details Healing amount is 20% of damage dealt using Hellfire Shotguns, Death Blossom, or melee Hellfire Shotguns Weapon Icon Stats Official Description Type Shotgun Damage 2-7 per pellet Falloff range 11 to 20 meters Num. of pellets 20 per shot Rate of fire 2 shots per second Ammo 8 Reload time 1.5 seconds Headshot ✓ Reaper tears enemies apart with twin shotguns. Details Video Wraith Form Ability Icon Stats Official Description Movement speed 7.1 meters per second Duration 3 seconds Cooldown 8 seconds Reaper becomes a shadow for a short period of time. While in this form, he takes no damage and is able to pass through enemies, but cannot fire his weapons or use other abilities. Details The ability cannot be used if the player is stunned by abilities such as Steel Trap or Flashbang, but it will prevent such effects from being applied if the ability is already active. Video Shadow Step Ability Icon Stats Official Description Maximum range 35 meters Casting time 2.5 seconds Duration 2 seconds Cooldown 10 seconds After marking a destination, Reaper disappears and reappears at that location. Details Video Death Blossom Ultimate Ability Icon Stats Official Description Damage 170 per second 510 total Movement speed 3 meters per second Area of effect 8 meters Duration 3 seconds Headshot ✕ Charge required 1850 points In a blur of motion, Reaper empties both Hellfire Shotguns at breakneck speed, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies. Details Reaper passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 3.75 seconds. Video Strategy Reaper is a short-ranged flanker and one of the deadliest heroes in the game up close, with even Tanks like Reinhardt and Roadhog melting under the power of his Hellfire Shotguns. Reaper's relative simplicity makes him a good hero for new players, while still remaining deadly in experienced hands. Despite his power, he's not without his weaknesses, with his lack of in-combat mobility and medium or long-range damage options being the most noticeable. Weapons & Abilities The Reaping (Passive): Reaper's sustain ability. As Reaper damages his foes, he receives a portion of the damage he deals back as Health. This provides Reaper with a steady stream of healing, so long as he's in combat. This can help him to survive for long periods of time in areas without many Health Packs. This can provide Reaper with valuable in-combat healing. If up against multiple opponents, aim to damage the targets with the highest Health to maintain your own Health. Hellfire Shotguns: Reaper's primary weapon. The primary fire will cause Reaper to alternate shooting his two shotguns. These shotguns have a wide spread and deal high damage at short range, but have high damage falloff past that range. Hellfire Shotguns deal extremely high damage at short range, allowing Reaper to quickly kill targets that he gets the jump on, especially Tanks with large hitboxes which allows most of the pellets to connect. As the shotguns have high damage falloff, aim to get up close to your enemies so that you can deal the most damage possible. Wraith Form: When activated, Reaper assumes a gaseous purple form for a short period of time. While in this form, he is invincible and untargetable by any enemy weapons or abilities and ignores enemy collision. He also moves faster for the duration. However, he cannot attack or use any abilities during this time. This is Reaper's main method of escape. If you suddenly find yourself surrounded by enemies, activate Wraith Form and make a break for the safest location you can find. When timed properly, Reaper can avoid potentially deadly attacks with this ability, such as Roadhog's Chain Hook or McCree's Flashbang. Try to anticipate your enemy's attacks and use Wraith Form before they hit. Using Wraith Form will remove Zenyatta's Orb Of Discord as well as Tracer's Pulse Bomb. It will also remove the effect of Ana's Biotic Grenade and Widowmaker's Venom Mine. Shadow Step: When activated, Reaper will switch to a targeting mode, allowing him to select a point within his line of sight to Shadow Step to. Once he finds a suitable point, he can press the primary fire button to teleport to the target location after a short delay. This is Reaper's main method of flanking. Use Shadow Step to get to higher ground or behind enemy lines without having to travel there directly. Note that Reaper is immobile and cannot use weapons or abilities while using Shadow Step. Try to only Shadow Step from and to a safe position, as you otherwise make an easy target. Shadow Step's voice line is extreme loud which the enemy can hear him from miles away. Be careful when using it as a flank method, make sure that the enemy won't hear his coming. Death Blossom (Ultimate): Reaper's Ultimate ability. When activated, Reaper begins to fire his shotguns in a large area-of-effect (AoE) around himself, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies that are within his line of sight for a short period of time. His movement speed is slowed for the duration, and he cannot use normal attacks or abilities. This is a channeled ability, and stuns will immediately end Death Blossom's effect. One of the deadliest Ultimates in the game against a stacked enemy team. Look for opportunities where your opponents are clumped together and where you can silently approach to unleash Death Blossom. Death Blossom's damage is treated in much the same way as Hellfire Shotguns, meaning that it will be blocked by barriers and solid surfaces. Try to make sure that your opponents don't have a corner they can duck behind when you activate Death Blossom, or you may end up wasting your Ultimate. Remember that heroes like McCree and Roadhog can interrupt your Ultimate. Be cautious about using Death Blossom around them if their stuns are still available. General Strategies Reaper's high damage output makes him a great counter to durable characters like Winston or Roadhog. Consider using Reaper if up against multiple Tanks. Reaper is usually not effective as a straightforward Assault hero like Pharah or Soldier: 76. Instead, use a combination of Shadow Step and side routes to carefully maneuver behind your opponents so that you can ambush them with your Hellfire Shotguns. Having good knowledge of each map and learning where Reaper can use Shadow Step effectively greatly increases his usefulness. Don't be afraid to spend time in a Custom Game on each of the maps finding out where Shadow Step can take you. Try to focus your gameplay around Wraith Form's cooldown. When Wraith Form is off cooldown, you can afford to play more aggressively, since you have it available to escape if needed. When Wraith Form is on cooldown, play more defensively and don't take unnecessary risks. When flanking, look to pick off lone targets rather than charging straight into a group (unless Death Blossom is available). While Reaper is more durable than other flankers, his lack of in-combat mobility means that he relies solely on Wraith Form to escape, and its short duration means that enemy heroes can follow and kill you easily if you're too far away from your own team. It can be tempting to use Death Blossom when at low health, since this would remove the sources of the damage you're taking. Never do this. The enemy team will focus on you as soon as you use it, and Death Blossom ends immediately when Reaper dies. When ambushing with Death Blossom, look for ledges or other raised areas that you can leap off of to get into the middle of the enemy team before activating your Ultimate. Always use the element of surprise in your favor. When Reaper reloads, his magazine refills very quickly after reloading - roughly at the point Reaper fully releases his shotguns and they fall from his view - meaning you don't have to finish the animation. Taking an action other than firing (entering Wraith Form, using a quick melee attack, etc.) at the moment the ammo counter shows a full magazine of 8/8 allows for less time watching a useless animation and a faster response time, which is helpful against targets such as Reinhardt and Roadhog who can kill you while you are vulnerable reloading. (info from overwatch.gamepedia.com)
  3. Hero Guide: Pharah

    Overview Soaring through the air in her combat armor, and armed with a launcher that lays down high-explosive rockets, Pharah is a force to be reckoned with. Abilities Hover Jets Passive Ability Icon Stats Official Description Movement speed 5.5 meters per second Duration 2 seconds Cooldown 2 seconds Pharah lifts herself upward with her jet suit. Details Activated by holding jump button while in the air, or alt-fire button. Allows her to gain height when held, while tapping allows her to remain at the same height. Refuels automatically when not in use, taking two seconds to refill from empty to full. Allows Pharah to hover indefinitely when paired with Jump Jet. Rocket Launcher Weapon Icon Stats Official Description Type Linear splash projectile Damage Direct hit: 120 Splash max: 80 Splash min: 20 Self: 40 Projectile speed 35 meters per second Area of effect 2.5 meter radius Rate of fire 1.1 round per second Ammo 6 Reload time 1 second Headshot ✕ Pharah’s primary weapon launches rockets that deal significant damage in a wide blast radius. Details Knockback decreases with distance from the explosion, reaching 0% at the edge of the blast radius. Knockback also applies to self. Video Jump Jet Ability Icon Stats Official Description Maximum range ~20 meters vertically Cooldown 10 seconds Propelled by her suit’s thrusters, Pharah soars high into the air. Details Video Concussive Blast Ability Icon Stats Official Description Type Linear splash projectile Damage Knockback Projectile speed 50 meters per second Area of effect 8 meter radius Cooldown 12 seconds Headshot ✕ Pharah looses a wrist rocket that knocks back any enemies it strikes. Details Also knocks back Pharah herself. Can be used as an additional mobility tool, as it does not deal self damage. Mostly deals horizontal knockback. Video Barrage Ultimate Ability Icon Stats Official Description Type Rapid fire linear projectile Damage 40 per rocket Movement speed Caster immobilized Projectile speed 28.5 meters per second Rate of fire 30 rockets per second Duration 3 seconds Headshot ✕ Charge required 1850 points Pharah directs a continuous salvo of mini-rockets to destroy groups of enemies. Details Pharah passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 3.75 seconds. Pharah remains stationary while the ability is active, but can turn. Pharah will stay in the air if the ability is used mid-air. Video Strategy Pharah is a hero who possess the skill of aerial-control. Her Rocket Launcher fires a rocket in linear line. The rocket deals heavy damage upon impact and some splash damage nearby which can disrupt the enemy's position. Hover allows her to move upward, making her gain some amount of vertical height. Pharah can use Jump Jet in conjunction with Hover to quickly boost her height to mid-air. Concussive Blast deals no damage, but create a strong knockback that can push both Pharah and the enemy within the blast. Barrage is the most devastating, be able to wipe out all targets within second. However, the rocket is very slow, unable to deal full effect when it can't hit the enemy. Hover stills has a fuel limit, making her fall to ground quickly if she can't combine usage with Jump Jet. Although Pharah can dodge attacks with Hover, she is naturally slow by default, unlike other offense heroes. Her strong aerial capability is well-countered by the heroes who possess hitscan-type weapon, since it's attack has no travel time and be able to hit Pharah with ease. Weapons & Abilities Hover Jets (Passive): Pharah's passive ability. She can slowly propels her upwards when held down the jump button or alt-fire. It doesn't refuel when she is standing on unintended location such as on a roof or sliding floor. This ability is mainly for maintaining altitude to rain rockets down on the enemy. Mind the usage on Hover, holding it too long will waste fuel without need. Successive-tapping is recommended to maintain the vertical level. You can use a surprise attack thanks to her silent mobility when the passive isn't in used. Use unintended location on some map to make yourself sliding from the roof and attack the enemy from behind. Rocket Launcher: Pharah's primary weapon. Fires high-damage rockets at a relatively slow rate which deals strong damage upon direct hit and lower damage as indirect hit. It also creates a knockback to the enemy and herself which results in self-damage. When not engaged, her Rocket Launcher can be spammed as area control. She can force the enemy to use another route to get close to your teammates. The rocket can be used to propel yourself upward in exchange to self-damage. This should only be used when you are running out of fuel on Hover Jets. Jump Jet: When activated, Pharah will rapidly lift herself upward within a second. Jump Jet grants her access to routes and platforms other heroes can't reach, giving her a variety of flanking positions. When in danger, it can be used as a quick escape. Use this ability when you are running out of fuel and when nearly touch the ground since Pharah can refuel midair. Concussive Blast: When activated, Pharah will fires a wrist rocket that can knocks enemies or herself horizontally backwards, but deals no damage. Pharah's Concussive Blast can be used to quickly re-position herself horizontally. It can also push the enemy's snipers away from the spot. This ability has great killing potential when aimed near environmental hazards, easily knocking a group of enemies off at once. Barrage (Ultimate): Pharah's Ultimate ability. When activated, during the duration of the Ultimate, she fires a high-damage barrage of rockets at the enemy. She can't move or stop the ultimate once active, but it can be used in midair. The rocket from this ability can self-damage her. It is one of the most devastating ultimates in the game, but leaves her vulnerable to enemy fire. It's most effective when combined with Zarya's Graviton Surge, Reinhardt's Earthshatter, or Mei's Blizzard. It is best used as close to the enemy as possible, ideally behind them to catch them by surprise. Be careful not to get so close you get hit by friendly fire, however. General strategies Pharah's aerial capability is unparalleled, she can stay in mid-air the longest (not counting Mercy using Guardian Angel on Pharah or during Valkyrie). With Hover and Jump Jet, she can reach in a route that other heroes can't even reach with normal movement, and can stay indefinitely in the air. However; she has no way to speed her up in horizontal way; Concussive Blast should be used in emergency situation rather than a main method for mobility. Avoid fighting on ground. Even though Pharah's Rocket Launcher deals heavy damage upon impact, the enemy can easily dodge her slow rockets when she shoots it as if intending to land a direct hit. If Pharah maintains in mid-air, even if the enemy can dodge a direct hit by her rocket, but the rocket's blast will deal reasonable splash damage depending on the blast range. Pharah is a good counter to enemies with slow-moving projectiles or short-ranged guns that can't hit her in the air, such as Reaper, Mei, Junkrat, Reinhardt, Lúcio, and Symmetra. So keep them as the first targets to attack before changing the target. The hitscan-hero is the direct threat to Pharah. The attack from hitscan-weapon has no travel time; with good aiming, they can kite her mid-air before she even has a chance to find a cover on ground. Only target them in closer-range where the rocket can reach to the target faster and give them little time to escape. Don't underestimate the heroes who possess projectile-type weapons. While her Hover will give you an easier time to dodge most shots mid-air, the enemy can still attack you with some good shot placement. Fast-speed projectiles can counter Pharah well, so avoid moving in a predictable way and she can handle them well. Pharah can use her Rocket Launcher to propel herself upwards, preserving Jump Jet, or for when it is on cooldown. This will cause you to take some damage depending on the range between you and the surface. Due to her aerial capability and Rocket Launcher which is useful when fires on the ground, Pharah usually stay midair alone with no protection or healing which leaves her vulnerable from the enemy attacks. Try to fly in the area that you can escape in time with the use of Concussive Blast or in the area that your teammate can help you from the ground. (info from overwatch.gamepedia.com)
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  8. Hero Guide: Orisia

    Overview Orisa serves as the central anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from the frontline with a protective barrier. She can attack from long range, fortify her own defenses, launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies, and deploy a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple allies at once.[2] Abilities Fusion Driver Weapon (Primary Fire) Icon Stats Official Description Type Linear Projectile Damage 11 Movement speed 2.75 meters per second Projectile speed 80 meters per second Rate of fire 12 rounds per second Ammo 150 Reload time 2.5 seconds Headshot ✓ Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it. Details Can sustain fire for 12.50s before reloading. Halt! Ability Icon Stats Official Description Type Linear Projectile Projectile speed 20 meters per second Area of effect 7.5 meter radius Casting time 0.3 seconds 0.6 seconds activation delay Cooldown 8 seconds Launch a graviton charge which can be detonated with the same action. The sphere slows and pulls nearby enemies to it. Details When the orb collides with a surface or when the ability is pressed again, after a ~0.6s delay, it quickly sucks in enemies within 7.5m, applies a brief slow, then dissipates. The projectile itself goes through barriers, but the pull effect will not affect anyone behind a barrier. Halt! will continue to pull enemies over unlimited distances. (This is likely a bug, and will be fixed.) [3] Halt! can redirect Reinhardt while he uses Charge. Genji can use Deflect to redirect the orb towards Orisa, however if it's not reactivated, it will be not harmful to her. Fortify Ability Icon Stats Official Description Dmg. reduction 50% Duration 4 seconds Cooldown 10 seconds Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes and cannot be affected by movement-impairing effects. Details The following abilities deal damage to a Fortified Orisa but do not apply stun, knockback, or slowdown: Ana: Sleep Dart Bastion: Configuration: Tank D.Va: Boosters, Self-Destruct, Call Mech Doomfist: Rising Uppercut, Seismic Slam, Rocket Punch, Meteor Strike Junkrat: Frag Launcher, Concussion Mine, Steel Trap Lúcio: Soundwave Mei: Endothermic Blaster, Blizzard McCree: Flashbang Pharah: Rocket Launcher Reinhardt: Rocket Hammer, Earthshatter Roadhog: Chain Hook, Whole Hog Soldier: 76: Helix Rockets Symmetra: Sentry Turrets Winston: Primal Rage melee attacks, Jump Pack Zarya: Particle Cannon (Secondary fire), Graviton Surge The following abilities have no effect on a Fortified Orisa: Orisa: Halt! Pharah: Concussive Blast Reinhardt: Charge Orisa can still be hacked by Sombra while using Fortify, but this will not interrupt the ability. Cooldown begins after the effect expires. Orisa will not act as an obstacle for purposes of blocking allies from e.g. Reinhardt's ultimate. Orisa cannot be body-blocked by enemy heroes Protective Barrier Ability Icon Stats Official Description Type Arcing Projectile Health 900 Duration 20 seconds Cooldown 8 seconds Orisa throws out a stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire. Details The device cannot be deflected by Genji, nor destroyed by D.Va's Defense Matrix. The barrier itself is shaped like a football net. Orisa can see the barrier's health on her HUD. Protective Barrier can be attached to movable objects like basketballs. Supercharger Ultimate Ability Icon Stats Official Description Health 200 Damage +50% Area of effect 25 meter radius Casting time 1 second Duration 15 seconds Charge required 1725 points Orisa deploys a device to increase damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight. Details Orisa passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 3.50 seconds. The device can be destroyed by enemies to end its duration early. The device can be hacked by Sombra, which temporarily stops it from boosting anyone. The damage boost effect will stack with Ana's Nano Boost and Mercy's Damage Boost. Hostile barriers also break line of sight. Strategy Orisa is an anchor tank, meaning her team will get more benefit when grouping and coordinating around her. Fusion Driver's cannon shell is a projectile; on one hand it has travel time, but on the other hand it has no damage falloff. This makes it useful against enemies at long range, provided the player can properly lead the shots if the enemy is moving. Her Protective Barrier is best used on choke points, and to suppress enemies. Orisa can use Halt! to pull enemies out of position, or coordinated with allies' abilities much like Zarya's ultimate Graviton Surge. Fortify has no downside; she can freely use it to increase her tanking power. Her Supercharger increases the damage output of her allies, but the device can be destroyed. While Orisa has strong front-facing defense, she is weak to flankers who can get behind her due to her low mobility. Considering that her barrier is an unmovable object, and that her weapon can't attack multiple foes at close range, she is vulnerable when surrounded or being attacked from other angles. As she is a fairly large target, and her combined health with her barrier is less than Reinhardt's, she is vulnerable to being taken down by a heavy damage dealer, or a sniper who can pick at her from extreme range. Weapons & Abilities Fusion Driver: Orisa's primary weapon. It's an automatic weapon that fires projectiles with a high speed. It has a very large magazine, allowing her to spam the enemies' group. It has some slight spread, making it less effective against the target in extreme range. The downside of using this weapon is that it slows her movement speed while firing by half. Since it is a projectile, Fusion Driver's bullets don't suffer from damage falloff, which is useful for attack targets in any range, though you will have to lead the targets to do so. While it can spam bullets at the target, Orisa is very slow while firing. If she engages a group of enemies, retreating without return fire should be a better option. Don't reload too frequently. Reloading Fusion Driver takes around 2.5 seconds, which will leave her vulnerable to enemy fire. Make use of all of her bullets before reload, or just reload when she's not facing the enemy. The Fusion Driver can headshot, and since it doesn't suffer damage falloff, try to aim for the heads of your enemies if you can to quickly take them out. Halt!: Orisa launchs a graviton ball that moves in a straight line. The ball will travel slowly for an unlimited distance until it hits a solid surface. She can re-activate the ability by pressing the same button again. After a short delay, it will slow all enemies around the orb and pull them to its center before it disappears. Halt! is essentially a pint-sized Graviton Surge. It can pull enemies away from cover or Health Packs, and if fired (and activated) in the right time and place, it can pull enemies to their death, for example, pulling them into Ilios' Well section's big hole. The projectile flies through an enemy's barrier, but the pulling effect doesn't go through. For example, detonating Halt! in front of a Reinhardt's shield will have no effect, but if you let it pass through his shield and then detonate it, it will pull him, as well as any nearby allies, towards it. Consider where and when to pull the enemies; Orisa's teammates might be able to combo their abilities for maximum effect. Fortify: A personal effect ability, Fortify will provide Orisa with a 50% damage reduction over a period of four seconds, and block many hero abilities that would cause movement penalties. The abilities that can be blocked are listed above in the 'abilities' section. Fortify does not negate the effects of an enemy Ultimate on allies positioned behind Orisa, an Earthshatter and Graviton Surge will still affect friendlies. Fortify is an extremely useful ability, whether used as an escape strategy or tanking mechanism it has many uses depending on the situation. Protective Barrier: Orisa shoot will a slow arcing projectile that turns into a barrier when hitting a surface. Cooldown starts after throwing the projectile; not after the barrier is depleted. If her barrier recharges before the cooldown of the previous barrier is over, launching a second barrier will make the first one disappear. Thus, it is not possible to have two barriers at once. It is, however, possible to throw the second barrier at the same spot of the first, effectively "refreshing" the previous barrier with full health and duration. Don't always feel that you need to deploy a new barrier as soon as your cooldown wears off. However, if your existing barrier is low on health and your enemies aren't currently attacking, it may be wise to "refresh" your barrier so that it's fully healed when your enemies return. The barrier doesn't disappear after Orisa dies. Protective Barrier can be attached on objects like basketballs, and the basketball or the object that holds the Barrier can be picked up by Symmetra's Photon Projector.[4] Supercharger (Ultimate): Orisa's Ultimate ability. She deploys a device, called "The Drum", directly at her feet, which provides provide all allied characters in line of sight with a 50% damage boost, as long as they stay in range of the device and within line of sight. The device will last for a long time until it disappears or is destroyed by the enemies. Supercharger is not a projectile ultimate, as it does not leave Orisa’s hands until placed, as such it cannot be absorbed by D.Va’s Defense Matrix. The drum is a destructible item; with its health being only 200 and being stationary device, it is easily destroyed by focus fire from the enemy. Try to place the Ultimate behind a corner or hero shield to provide some protection, however it still remains exposed to heroes that can deal long range damage like Pharah or Widowmaker. It can also succumb to shield piercing attacks like Symmetra’s alt fire and Reinhardt’s Fire Strike, and is weak to flankers like Tracer or Sombra. Note that low walls that obscure more than 50% of the drum will block line of sight even if the top of the Drum is visible. The Ultimate can be affected by Sombra’s EMP and will be inactive during the hack duration, however if the hack ends before Orisa’s Ultimate does, the Drum will reinitialize. The Ultimate's damage boost will stack with Ana’s Nano-Boost providing a 100% total damage increase to the affected hero. When activating your Supercharger, always try to deploy your Protective Barrier first. This will help increase the survivabilty of your Supercharger, while simultaneously protecting allies who choose to fight closer to it. While you normally want to place your Supercharger far enough from the action that it won't be destroyed in the crossfire, you can often utilize the geography of the area to provide smart protection for your Supercharger. Simply place your Supercharger close to a wall (such as the interior of a capture point area) and deploy your Protective Barrier around the front of it so it's protected on all sides. While prolonged enemy fire can eventually destroy the barrier and your Supercharger, if enough teammates are fighting close to you when you deploy, you should have no difficulty wiping out or driving back the enemy team before they can destroy your Supercharger. General strategies Orisa is a hero that excels at creating openings in the enemy defense by using her Halt! ability to pull people out of position, or just pulling someone off of the map to kill them. Orisa isn't a glass cannon like Bastion under Configuration: Sentry, she will have a much harder time when engaging multiple foes, especially when they are close. Use Halt! to grab the enemy Reinhardt and make an opening for your team's Reinhardt to use his ultimate. Use your Halt! ability to help catch characters such as Tracer and Genji so that your Roadhog can have an easier hook. Stand in front of your Projected Barrier while Fortify is active to soak up some damage and keep the barrier up as long as possible. Just watch your health. Use your Halt! ability to force a Bastion out of position, so that he has to break Configuration: Sentry and waste time repositioning himself. Protect your Supercharger with a Barrier and by bullet blocking with Fortify. Use Fortify and body block characters like McCree while they use their ultimate. Use your Halt! ability to take enemies off of the high ground. To help out a Tracer get a multi kill with her Ultimate, launch Halt! and time the pull so that the stuck target gets pulled to their allies. Use your Halt! ability to help your Roadhog hook important targets such as Mercy and Ana. After a Graviton Surge is used on your team use Fortify and body block the damage for the entire duration. Pulling an enemy into or out of a choke point will be a useful ability to master when using this hero. Use Halt! to pull snipers and support out of a defensive position to bring them out in the open and easier to kill If an ally is preparing to use an Ultimate ability, use Halt! to cluster the enemy team together to make them easier targets. Upon activating Supercharger, the enemy team may attempt to flee; quickly follow up with Halt! to make sure they endure the full force of your team's attack. When deploying your Protective Barrier, gradually place them further and further up so your team can gradually gain ground. Always try to fight from behind the barrier if you can; you have strong ranged firepower, and your barrier can compensate for your comparatively low health for a Tank hero. Try not to activate Fortify while your Protective Barrier is active, as it can be used to absorb the brunt of the enemy's attack. Fortify is a good panic button to use when a Reinhardt is approaching with a charge, or a Roadhog activates his Ultimate, and shouldn't be used constantly but rather saved for emergencies or when your Protective Barrier is destroyed. When deploying Supercharger, always try to deploy a Protective Barrier to keep it safe. (info from overwatch.gamepedia.com)
  9. Overwatch FREE Weekend - 2/16 - 2/19

  10. The winning game mode is... Bully The Nerd! How will this mode be played? 3 super Reinhardt's hunt down a team of nerfed, hiding Mei's. You can still freeze, but the goal is not to be found, as you don't do very much damage! Will this mode last for the entire duration of the in-house? We will start the night out with the winning mode and go from there if any interest is shown for another activity! Our only goal for in-houses is for everyone to have a good time! We hope to see all of you on Friday! Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll! If your desired mode was not selected, please be sure to cast your vote next week! The new poll will be up shortly! In-houses take place on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. You are welcome to bring your friends to participate with us, but we do ask that they join us on discord.
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  14. Hero Guide: Moira

    Abilities Biotic Grasp Weapon (Primary Fire) Icon Stats Official Description Type Beam Healing 80 health per second 16.66 health per second (for 3 seconds after usage) Projectile speed 30 meters per second Maximum range 15 meters Ammo Up to 9 seconds Reload time 45 seconds recharging 9 seconds when dealing damage Casting time 0.3 second Using her left hand, Moira expends biotic energy to heal allies in front of her. Details Both the primary and auxiliary healing from Biotic Grasp can heal multiple allies. Biotic Grasp Weapon (Secondary Fire) Icon Stats Official Description Type Target Locked Beam Damage 50 per second Healing Heals Moira for flat 30 health per second Maximum range 21 meters Ammo ∞ Headshot ✕ Her right hand fires a long-range beam weapon that saps enemies’ health, healing Moira and replenishing her biotic energy. Details Despite the looks of it, Biotic Grasp does not use lifesteal mechanic. Healing from it is unaffected by damage boosts for Moira and damage reduction on her enemies. Biotic Orb Ability Icon Stats Official Description Damage 50 per second (200 maximum) Healing 75 per second (300 maximum) Projectile speed 20 meters per second 5.5 meters per second (Caught the target) Maximum range 5 meters (Tethering) Duration 10 seconds, or until depleted Cooldown 10 seconds Headshot ✕ Moira launches a rebounding biotic sphere; she can choose between a regeneration effect that heals the allies it passes through, or a decay effect that deals damage to enemies. Details It can heal or damage higher than it maximum while its duration Fade Ability Icon Stats Official Description Movement speed 18.75 meters per second Duration 0.8 second Cooldown 6 seconds Moira quickly teleports a short distance while invulnerable to damage. Details Moira cannot be healed or take damage while in this form. Coalescence Ultimate Ability Icon Stats Official Description Type Beam Damage 70 per second Healing 140 health per second 50 health per second (Self-regeneration) Movement speed 9 meters per second Maximum range 30 meters Duration 8 seconds Headshot ✕ Charge required 2125 points Moira channels a long-range beam that both heals allies and bypasses barriers to damage her enemies. Details Strategy Moira is a support hero that can flank the enemy back line with her immense mobility. Though Biotic Grasp's healing isn't a lock-on or instantly reach the target, she can heal multiple allies at the same time which giving her higher average healing when compare to other supports. To refill her healing resource and her health, she can easily track the enemy with lock-on beam that can reach to mid-range target. Fade provides her an immense mobility and invulnerable that makes her very hard to kill. Biotic Orb is very useful in both healing and dealing damage, especially when using in a tight space. Coalescence can both heal allies and dealing damage to the enemy, making it useful as the open attack since it bypasses barriers. While she is very mobile and strong fighter in 1v1 situation against so many heroes thanks to her lifesteal, she can easily be killed by tanks and any burst damage that can go through her health. Her healing has a resource that requires her to always deal damage, and her damage is very low even if it can lock-on the target. She doesn't have a real utility ability like other supports, in which her multiple healing is made up to fulfill the lackluster. Weapons & Abilities Biotic Grasp [Primary and Secondary Fire]: Moira's primary weapon, that can either heal or damage depending on the firing mode. Primary Fire (healing) Fires a short-range stream, that heals Moira’s allies for 80 HP per second in the cylinder in front of her. Unlike in case of other healers, Biotic Grasp's Primary Fire works on the resource system similar to that of the D.Va’s Defense Matrix. Moira has enough resource to perform up to 9 seconds of continuous healing. When Biotic Grasp’s Primary Fire is not active, healing resource will regenerate, albeit very slowly (it takes around 45 seconds for it to come back up from zero). This process can be significantly sped up (around 5 times), by using Biotic Grasp’s Secondary Fire on the enemy hero. When Moira’s healing stream disconnects from the ally, it will leave a heal over time effect, that will restore 50 HP over 3 seconds. Try to use this passive to preserve a little bit of healing resource, by stopping your Primary Fire when ally is less than 50 HP from being completely healed. You can also heal up to 3 times longer by "tap" healing; tap and hold her heal for 0.3 seconds, let go, wait 3 seconds, and repeat. This is the most resource-effective way to heal, but it should only be used when your teammate isn't taking heavy damage or expecting to take heavy damage since this method's heal over time is low. Take advantage of the passive healing Biotic Grasp leaves. You can use it to heal your allies during downtime for a little cost in resource. It's also advisable to spray your your team when entering combat, to so that healing over time mitigates some of the early damage. Using Biotic Grasp continuously is a viable option only if a single ally is in the immediate danger of dying, or you can hit multiple allies. Excessive spraying at single safe targets will burn through your healing resource very quickly. Biotic Grasp will heal all allies in its area of effect, which is more or less a shape of a cylinder with 1 meter radius and 15 meters length. To optimize your healing per second and resource expenditure you should position yourself, so that as many allies as possible are in the area of effect. Moira’s healing is extremely potent in chokes, where your allies are near to each other. Picture Numbani’s first point upper left route – your team will be in a small corridor, in which you will be able to catch them all in Biotic Grasp’s area of effect providing them all with 80 hps. In such scenarios, Moira outpaces any other healer’s healing throughput, excluding Zenyatta during Transcendence. Using all of your healing resource in the spawn room before game starts may backfire spectacularly. Secondary Fire (damage) Emits a medium-range beam, that locks on the on the enemy target closest to the crosshair. It deals 50 damage per second, heals Moira for 33 health per second and replenishes Moira’s healing resource (the latter two apply only if the target is an enemy hero). There is no ammo or other limit to how long Biotic Grasp’s Secondary Fire can be channeled. Biotic Grasp’s Secondary Fire has a lock-on effect, similar to Symmetra’s but with much less forgiving leeway. Aiming with it requires significantly more precision than in case of Photon Projector, thus using Biotic Grasp’s Secondary Fire is widely compared to aiming with Zarya’s Primary Fire. Use this mode of fire to replenish your healing resource as often as you can, but prioritize healing over dealing damage. As Moira you are unlikely to kill your targets (unless they are out of position), but your healing can be game changing. Healing from Secondary Fire is Moira’s main source of self-sustain. Moira’s Secondary Fire has a surprisingly long range (unless you are in wide open space, you will be able to attack pretty much any target you can see). Use it to your advantage – Moira can easily poke enemies through chokes and can be a serious threat to Pharmercy due to the lock-on effects on her Biotic Grasp and Biotic Orb’s damage dealing modes. Biotic Orb: [First Ability] Moira shoots an orb in the direction she is facing, that will either heal all allies or damage all enemies in the area of effect. Mechanics: Orbs will tether themselves to all viable targets in the 5 meters radius around them, either healing or damaging them, depending on the type. There is no limit to the amount of targets affected at the same time, but orbs have a set pool of healing/damage they can output (300 healing and 200 damage). Bear in mind that full HP allies are not a viable target for healing orbs. Biotic Orb has a really high projectile speed, but slows down drastically when it enters the area with viable targets (roughly to walking speed, slightly higher). When viable targets leave Orb's area of effect it will move slowly for around half a second and then will speed up again. Biotic Orb will rebound from solid surfaces. There is no limit to the number of bounces it can perform. Pressing key, to which Biotic Orb is bound will activate an orb choosing mode. When in it, player can decide between the type of orb Moira will shoot, by pressing keys responsible for Primary or Secondary Fire, that will respectively shoot either healing or damaging orb. Reactivating Biotic Orb before choosing a type will exit the choosing mode, without firing an orb or consuming cooldown. Biotic Orb’s hitbox, that governs bouncing from surfaces, is smaller than the visual cue. If you fire Biotic Orb very close to the corner, its outer edge will phase through it. Damage from Biotic Orb does not restore healing resource. General tips: Use your orbs close to clusters of viable targets, so that as much of their healing/damage is used. Try to fire Biotic Orb at the most simple angles you can find, like in direction of the closest vertical wall or directly at your targets. Realistically, there is no way to reliably predict orbs trajectory beyond the second bounce. Using the geometry of the map to your advantage may seem tempting, but firing Orbs at tricky angles will, in most cases, make them fly away from the place you will need them, and in effect waste your cooldown. Sending Biotic Orbs into small rooms or between two walls facing each other will make their movement limited and will likely result in them using their entire pool of healing/damage. If you are not sure which orb to use the answer is: the healing one. 300 AoE healing outvalues 200 AoE damage in pretty much any scenario. Using healing orb: Use healing orb when your allies are close to each other and you determine that your primary healing may not be enough. Your combined healing will then reach a tremendous 140 hps for every target affected by both Orb and your Primary Fire. When starting a push, you can fire Biotic Orb to instantly access its healing pool. Remember, that at least one ally should already be damaged, or your Orb will pass quickly through your team and go to waste. You can send Biotic Orb to heal allies that are outside of your range or too far for you to safely reach them. Notably, you can send it after the diving Winston or ulting Genji, and it will provide them with healing without putting Moira in danger. Bear in mind, that between activing Biotic Orb, choosing a type of it, preforming a shooting animation and wind up animation of Primary Fire around half a second of time is lost. You cannot heal during this time, so try not to use this skill at the cost of somebody else’s life. When you want to send your healing orb in the direction of the ally in danger, but you are damaged yourself, Biotic Orb will tether to you and slow down, likely leaving your ally to die. There is no good way of getting around it - even Fading away from orb will not work since... Biotic Orb, both your and other friendly Moira's, can heal you during Fade. It's to be tested whether other healing effects, that does not demand targeting are also capable of that. Using damage orb: You can poke at range with Biotic Orb to farm up your ultimate. Avoid doing that, if you predict that enemy will engage in less than 10 seconds, though. Shooting Biotic Orb into the doors of spawn room at the beginning of the game, can grant you ~10% of ultimate charge. When group of enemies is under the crowd control effect like Earth Shatter or Graviton Surge, it will usually be a good idea to send your Biotic Orb in to increase your team’s damage per seconds output. Use damage orb in duels with enemies that do not pose an immediate threat to you, like enemy Mercy or Moira - it will help you quickly finish them off. When you are in danger of losing life, you should resort to healing orb instead. During fights when you can either heal multiple allies at once with Biotic Grasp, or they are provided with another source of healing (Valkyrie, Transcendence),you can use damaging orb to increase your team's dps. Use damage orb and immediately use your Biotic Grasp to do extra DPS. This works well while fighting only one person, as it destroys the enemies health. This strategy is less effective while in a group of enemies. Fade [Second Ability]: Upon activation, Moira will become untargetable and invisible and her movement speed will be increased greatly. Moira cannot perform any action other than moving during Fade. Mechanics: Moira cannot be damaged while in Fade, but she also cannot be healed by abilities, that require aiming (Mercy's beam, Zenyatta's Orb). She can, however, pick up a healthpack and be healed by her Biotic Orb and possibly other area of effect heals (it remains to be tested). Fade’s momentum can be preserved. At the end of the effect, player can perform jump to move slightly further than normally. Moira can also use small obstacles as ramps – dashing into them and jumping just before contact will give Moira some vertical momentum. It’s unclear whether it’s a bug or a feature. You can move freely during Fade. This includes turning around, changing direction of movement, jumping, stopping and standing in place. Fade does not grant vertical movement. However, it can be used to change direction in the air – when you are knocked back off the platform, you can activate Fade and fly back to safety. Uses of Fade: Avoid lethal damage – invincibility granted by Fade allows Moira to survive situation, that would otherwise be deadly. Properly timed, it will allow you to dodge D.Va’s Self-destruct or Junkrat’ mines and get out of range of dangerous ultimates such as Tactical Visor or Blizzard. As Fade gives Moira untargetability it can be used to get out of the Graviton Surge. Disengage from enemies – as healer, your survival is crucial for winning fights. Moira is better suited for duels than most of other healers, but when she finds herself in life-threatening situation she should Fade away. As you have freedom of movement and invisibility during this ability, make your best to break line of sight with attackers – it’s almost guaranteed to confuse them. Reposition – During fights, Moira can use Fade to reach positon, that allows her to use her Primary Fire more efficiently. This use naturally combine with previous one, as the most optimal position for Moira is behind her team. During duels, you should use Fade to move behind your enemy to disorientate them and gain some free damage off your Secondary Fire. Engage on singled-out or weakened enemies – you damage dealing capabilities as Moira will usually be enough to execute damaged enemy squishies. However, using Fade this way you may find yourself out of position and without escape cooldown. Coalescence (Ultimate): Moira channels a beam in front of her, that heal allies, damages enemies and passes through barriers. Mechanics: Coalescence creates a long-range beam, that will shoot in the direction of your crosshair. It’s ideally straight and follows your controller’s movement without any delay. Aiming with Coalescence is similar to aiming with Zarya’s Primary Fire. Coalescence will not stop at the first target hit. Instead, it will go through any hero and barrier on its way and affect every viable target in its area of effect, which is shaped like a cylinder with one meter radius and 30 meter length. Coalescence will heal every ally in the area of effect for 140 health per second and will deal 70 damage to every enemy. Moira herself is not in the area of effect of her Ultimate. However, she is granted a 50 health per second regeneration during channelling. While using Coalescence, Moira’s movement speed is increased and she hovers above the ground. The latter effect is similar to Zenyatta’s and does not grant ability to fly or slowfall (in other words, it’s a fancy walking animation). Coalescence has a line of sight requirement built into it. If you fire around an obstacle, your allies may be inside of the Coalescence’s animation, but if Moira can’t see them, they will not receive healing (analogically for damage). Coalescence is a channelled ability – Moira cannot use other abilities during it and channelling will be interrupted by stuns and hack. Using Coalescence: Use Coalescence liberally – it’s a low value ultimate, that recharges very fast despite its high charge cost. Coalescence is at its peak efficiency when you are able to line up many targets in its area of effect. During channelling, use your increased movement speed to reposition yourself, so that as many heroes as possible are affected by your Ultimate. A perfect scenario for Coalescence is a fight in tight area, where both ally and enemy movement is limited. Prioritize healing with Coalescence over dealing damage. It’s much easier to line up your allies than enemies, and Coalescence’s damage is very underwhelming for an ultimate ability, while burning through its healing is very hard. That being said, if you are proficient in tracking, you should try to take down low HP targets. However, if your enemy receives any healing at all, you should usually let go of them – killing healed target with Coalescence’s 70 damage per second alone will simply take too much time. Coalescence’s healing is not enough to outheal most of offensive ultimates – Tactical Visor, Death Blossom, well used Rocket Barrage, etc. will outpace Coalescence. However, using it Moira can significantly increase time to kill and allow allies to retreat to safety. When using Coalescence, Moira becomes a fairly vulnerable target. Her self-healing is limited to 50 health per second (she can achieve over 100 with her basic abilities), and she cannot use Fade. When you are a target of an enemy Ultimate it’s a much better idea to ensure your safety first with basic abilities (namely Fade) and only then activate Coalescence. Coalescence fares poorly as an ‘oh shit’ cooldown - Transcendence outpaces it in this regard in pretty much any situation I can think of. Thus, I recommend using Coalescence proactively, to support your pushes, or slow down enemy ones’. If you attempt to outheal Graviton Surge combined with another offensive ultimate, it's advisable to send your Biotic Orb first and then start channeling Coalescence. This way you can achieve a a short burst of 200 healing per second, which should suffice to counter a regular Dragon Blade, for example. An uncommon animation trick while using Coalescence is meleeing as soon as you finish ulting to get an extra bit of damage out, without using an animation. This is especially useful if you have a hero in front of you while you are finishing up your ultimate. Getting a small amount of extra DPS is worth it. General strategies Priorities: 0. Think - the list below is not set in stone. During a course of teamfight you must make your own decisions based on the circumstances you are facing. 1. Your own safety – while keeping your team alive is a reason you play healer, if you die your allies will soon follow, as they will not have a way to sustain themselves in a teamfight. Use Fade to avoid attackers and dodge lethal damage and keep your health high with the combination of basic abilities. 2. Healing ally in immediate risk of dying - when one of your teammates is receiving damage very quickly or is on low health, you should prioritize healing them to prevent their death. Biotic Grasp is one of the strongest healing effects in the game, and will be able to outheal many sources of damage. Be careful with using Biotic Orb in these situations though – time that is needed to cast it and resume healing with Primary Fire may cost your ally life. 3. Healing a group of allies - when multiple allies take spread damage while standing close to each other, Moira is the best healer to deal with it. Combination of Biotic Grasp and Orb healing effects will allow you to reach a short burst of stunning 140 health per second healing, that will outpace nearly all non-Ultimate damage, that enemies may throw at you. Healing in this scenario charges Moira’s ultimate at break-neck pace. 4. Damaging low health targets - Moira’s lock-on Secondary Fire and damaging Biotic Orb will allow her to fairly effectively pick an elimination on low health enemies. If the target is receiving any healing though, Moira’s damage alone is likely not going to be enough to burn through their healthpool. 5. Damage enemies, that are not behind barriers - it will allow you to recharge your healing resource quicker, heal yourself and help your damage dealers in burning targets down. This also builds up your ultimate charge. When you are certain, that enemy will not engage in the next 10 second, you may also use your Biotic Orb to harass targets behind barriers. 6. Damage barriers - to put it simply: it’s not your job and you are terrible at it. If there is precisely nothing else for you to do, you may attack barriers with your Secondary Fire, but it will neither heal you nor restore your healing resource. (info from overwatch.gamepedia.com)

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