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  1. Hello I am Jaggykins

    I think that is what I'm most excited about! I dislike pub servers due to mainstream hackers, and the disreguard for others! I've been playing on the WL server Stronghold, but coming from me, the servers staff has gotten a bit out of control, and sometimes take action without evidence, which isn't always good. I do, however, really admire the politicalness of whitelisted servers. Typically the community is more involved, and the gameplay is a lot more competitive. I can not WAIT to join! I have a nice sized team awaiting my acceptance: TCV. iCEY is my friend in fact; he and I go way back!
  2. Hello I am Jaggykins

    Sup guys! I am more than happy to be here! First off: My name is Matthew, better known in game as Jaggykins, Jaggy, SharkFlank, or whatever you feel like calling me once you're dead. I am a full time electrician, and a part time gamer! Maybe one day I can reverse those roles and take gaming as a career! I love all games, but I do have some favorites. I enjoy MOBA's.. so not one specific type: League, DOTA, Smite, Heroes of the Storm! Love them all. I think team fighting and strategic games are great. Right now I'm hooked on sandbox games like H1Z1, Rust, Elder Scrolls, and Ark! I've been playing H1Z1: JS a lot! and if you're looking for skins to trade around or buy then please check out my steam! thejagg2. I love to chat about games, and argue about who might win the next LCS. In the end it doesn't come down to the specific game that I'm playing.. It comes down to me enjoying my time and talking with my friends. I'm joining because I'm jealous of how a friend of mine is always talking about how great of a time he's having with the ADK community. I want the same enjoyment that he's having, so I decided to apply.

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