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  1. Battlefield 1 Guide

    Welcome to my guide of Battlefield 1. Here i will show you settings to optimization for smoother gameplay. This guide will be updated when the game goes live in the mean time this is just some stuff ⦁ Video Settings Now these are my personal video settings, you do not have to use these are what i use to gain more frames per second. I choose to play everything on low to achieve smoother gameplay. ⦁ User Config This user config is a mix of commands that can gain you more frames per second. I have been testing them in the beta and have found out these work best for me. Alot of these commands were from Battlefield 4 and 3 i will contuine to update this thread with new infromation GameTime.MaxVariableFps 125 PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1 PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 0 PerfOverlay.Enable 1 Render.DrawScreenInfo 0 RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0 Screenshot.Format png WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 1 WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 1024 WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 1 WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0 WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0 WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256 WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0 Put the .cfg into C:\Origin Games\Battlefield 1 Open Beta And we the game goes live put into C:\Origin Games\Battlefield 1 User Config Download. ⦁ Nvidia Settings My NVIDIA 3D settings that i use to game. @Marcinkoman Can i maybe get this pinned at the top for furture refrence. *note these settings may not work for everyone so if they dont work for you dont use them.
  2. Phoenix of ADK

  3. When the time has come

    I have decided to leave ADK it was a hard decision to make and go on with life. I want to thank everyone that has played with me and hd to put up with me in the past it was a hard choice ill hop in discord from time to time and say hi but as everyone knows life has to come first. thanks ADK for being there and felt like a family of gamers to play with. We had had our laughs and fun time's @AOBLXIX You helped me threw some times when i was hammerd on TS @Marcinkoman We are still going to vegas ok. @Wacko920 He just wacko, always had good advice, hates his ex wife with a passion 10/10 would get beer with. @VinasSol Vina died and came back. And to anyone i forgot i love u
  4. When the time has come

  5. BF1 Gameplay First Impressions?

    I loved it so far some things will need a nerf/buff Pro's Recoil on guns is nice easy to control Vehicles handle very well at some points Overall gameplay is very well made and stuck to ww1 feautres Con's Client side Storms :( heavy tanks are to strong from my point of view Flamethrower OP But overall i enjoed the beta playing with everyone again that i played BF3/BF4 with hope to see everyone on the battlefield
  6. BF1 Is Sexist?

  7. Why are the servers dead?

    @DestinedToFlail someone is a little upset BF4 plays fine for everyone else but you it seems lol.
  8. leaving ADK

  9. Please investigate !!!

    He has the same play style as me i just watched his videos hes clean to me
  10. BF4 Keybinds in BF1

    yea most bf4 commands will work with bf1 since its the same engine
  11. Incessant Whining about SKSers

    People will complain about every weapon and that we should ban. we should just ban everything and make a flag cap server only k
  12. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    Orderd the Dulex Edition
  13. What's your comp specs

    Heres my acutal list i put togeter to build mine some things still missing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CExOy00OZMsPdWmrVAEaHnFxvGTG5pF3glZtUuWb4PA/edit?pli=1#gid=0
  14. Mic or Headset

    Get a decent headset then a XLR mic with a decent mixer
  15. Ban Shotguns On #7

    @Zada shotguns are leat of your worries when im there
  16. Introduction

    @Juggs Welcome come hang with us in the csgo section some time
  17. Introduction

    Welcome to the fourms make sure to join us in the csgo section
  18. Battle.net ID Tags


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