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  1. Back In Business

    [quote name='Joey' timestamp='1335963272' post='27296'] how can it be complicated? haha how have you been mate? [/quote] pretty good, pretty good... instead of having a winter off, complite turn arond... 70 hours a weeks all winter... Hate the hours, love the paycheck will be on servers on weekends mostly...
  2. Back In Business

    Still, have not figured out how to make changes to key layout and video...
  3. Back In Business

    game is easy, turning the it was an issue, it's quite different from BC2...
  4. Back In Business

    wow.. bf3 is complicated to start up... still trying
  5. Back In Business

    Whats up guys & gals... Have not played for a while... Well, not going to play much, but u guys probably see me on BF3 servers sometimes... So, whats new?
  6. MW3 Gets official with Trailers

    Horrible accent in Russian just makes me laugh...
  7. Cheaters

    One more to the list "SnappleExecutive"
  8. Squad death match running

    Can make it, so it runs only one round, instead of 2 on a same map?
  9. Looking for BC2 Admins

    How many BC2 admins do we have?

    Own, play it randomly when i have time, do not have as much time anymore, and it will be even less till the end of a summer... PS: i noticed the server now is Squad Deathmatch
  11. Show off your ride

    [quote name='GDICommand' timestamp='1302131289' post='5675'] lol, thats what i said when i got it...it cost me about 27k after all fees and whatnot were paid...def money well spent though...it drives so much smoother and is more comfortable than my eclipse [/quote] I would show off, but got in 4 fender benders in a matter of 6(Aug2010 - Jan 2011) month and my 04 Impala is a mess... Got more insurance money than i paid for a car 4 years ago, so i'm kind of happy... BTW had a 92 eclipse before.... hated how small it was but loved the gas milage....
  12. 402 marksman headshot

    Not too many maps that have that distance... It' pretty cool... idk if it's only on PS3, but his bolt action rifle does not reload right away, so u can see where your bullet hits.... That helps a lot for 300+ marksmen shots
  13. Cheaters

    Well, today i played for a while and noticed plenty of aimbots.... One of the guys is LOLUMADBRA i believe that was his name.... PB is bad....
  14. What's up?!

    So, why does server works only in afternoons? At least i have not seen this server before 4 pm on week days... Or is it just empty?
  15. 100,000 Players on ADK Servers!

    Is there a way to find the number u got when u started playing? I think i was in first 1000

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