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  1. What about it guys!

    What about it guys... Rocco Mac here. Just stumbled onto the community while browsing the server list in DayZCommander for a decent private hive server to check out. Looking to find a decent group of guys to play with from time to time. Not an every day player. Real life doesn't allow for that but I play when I can. Hope to catch some of you on the teamspeak... maybe get into some shenanigans together!
  2. What about it guys!

    So it's been a little over a year since I first joined the ADK Community... played a bit of DayZ with a few of the members here and had a blast. Then life happened and I got super busy... still super busy... but now we've got a new game to spend too much time on! Battlefield 4 is here y'all! Not without it's ups and downs already but overall it's super fun and I'm having a blast with it. Came across an ADK server in the browser and *lightbulb* I joined there! Lets go see what the happs is over there! So here I am... Nothing's really changed other than PC Specs... it got slightly beastlier. For the most part I'll be a weekend warrior and by "warrior" I mean the guy dying a lot on the weekends.. but it'll be fun! I'll be on teamspeak so if you see me.. give me a shout!
  3. What about it guys!

    Have already played with a bunch of the guys here. Even got into a short hunt with Eyemento a couple days ago which resulted in the single greatest kill I've ever made in my time playing DayZ. So it's been fun so far. Enjoying playing with the guys i've played with so far. Great bunch of guys.
  4. Better Cooling For i5-3570K

    You have to realize it doesn't matter what cooler you use... your temps aren't going to be much if any different than your ambient room temperature. That's just the way it is. Not without a TON of airflow and by a ton I mean your pc would be so loud you'd never want to turn it on. I use a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ and Socks is right... it's an amazing cooler. At idle my pc sits at around 29 degrees C... and under heavy load (rendering video) it don't believe I've ever breached the 70 degree mark. It's an amazing air cooler and at around $30 give or take a couple bucks.. it's untouchable. I literally have put it in all but 1 pc that I've built for myself or for anyone else in the last couple of years and that's been quite a few pc's. The only one I didn't put it in had a fairly complex custom liquid cooling setup.
  5. Recommended Headsets?

    I have 2 headsets... My daily use headset is a pair of Tritton AX720's. Amazing headset in the $130 price range but a bit heavy for some people. Fairly bulky headset but the sound is amazing for both pc and console. Sandy Ravage actually turned me on to the 720s a couple years ago. He's been using them forever. For the price... they're hard to beat. I'd definitely recommend them. I also have a pair of Astro A40's. What's there really to say about the A40's... headsets just don't get much better but for the price... they better be absolutely incredible. I rarely use them anymore tho. They're unnecessary for most pc games I play these days. Only time I ever really break out the A40's is if I'm playing CoD on xbox which is extremely rare these days. One good thing about the Astro's is you can use the mixamp with other headsets not just Astro headsets. I know a few guys that use it with Turtlebeach HPV's
  6. Sound cards?

    imo sound cards are a complete waste of money unless you're a serious audiophile like a music producer or something that needs your pc to output/record extremely high quality audio but... having said that... I'm glad to see someone suggested a HT Omega card. They're, in my own personal experience, much better cards than any Creative/Sound Blaster card you'll ever lay your hands on. (Tho my old Audigy 2 ZS comes a close 2nd... Creative SB's best card ever, imo)
  7. Building A Gaming pc For a Friend Help

    Another note... people tend to get stuck on assuming they can find the best deals on hardware online. That's not always the case. If you live near a Microcenter, nobody has better prices on CPU's than they do but you almost always have to buy in-store to get the best prices. You can also find some amazing deal on older cases at MC. Shop around... you never know what kind of deals you can find if you dig around a bit and don't count out the brick and mortar stores. Every once in a million they come through with a clutch low price.
  8. Building A Gaming pc For a Friend Help

    750w PSU with that system is pretty overkill.. could probably cut that down to a 550w or even a bit less and be more than ok and save a fair chunk of change. I run a system very similar to that one on a 430w corsair psu with room to spare.

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