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  1. What is your favorite action movie?

    I would have to say Bourne.
  2. What will be your first class!?

    Thinking about picking this up but I've read mixed reviews so I've held off. However if there's a bunch of people in ADK that are playing I might pick it up in the coming weeks.
  3. Game of Thrones Series and Videogame

    Game of Thrones is fantastic. It's so brutal and relentless; I can't get enough of it. I have also started reading the books but haven't played the game(s) yet.
  4. Kobe or Golden State

    I was more impressed and watch Kobe over the Warriors.
  5. Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    Spicy for sure. I love hot foods, spices, sauces, etc. However, there needs to be flavor. I don't want it to be hot just because someone can make it hot.
  6. TF2 Friday Gaming nights!!!

    Checking in, anyone play this tonight? I'll be online in TS around 830pm est.
  7. Looking for people interested in playing some HoTS from time to time. Leave your battle.net id if interested!   negativefx83#1666 is mine - feel free to add me.
  8. So I got a bow....

    That's pretty awesome. I have shot bow before at targets but that was about 20 years ago and not a bow like that. Does make you feel a bit more manly that's for sure! :)
  9. New here and want to find a squad + voice :)

    Same boat here, basic + china rising - add me: negativefx83
  10. Any one wanna play BF4 on Pc?

    I'll be on later tonight, Origin name is negativefx83.
  11. Overwatch

    yeah a buddy of mine got into the beta and said it's pretty awesome. I pre-ordered it two days ago and can't wait!
  12. Who plays TF2

    Same, I'm downloading it again so I'll update this with my ID so you can add me.
  13. Overwatch Sub Forum Once it's released?

    That would be awesome. I just pre-ordered two days ago. Can't wait!
  14. NHL?

    I'm a big Avalanche fan (I have followed them since they were in Quebec). It's been a rough few years especially with all their talent. I don't really have a back up team, but I'm a huge Ovechkin fan (watched him since he was a star in Russia) so I guess I pull for the Caps when the Avs are out.
  15. What are your top 3 weapons?


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