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Everything posted by Spanky

  1. Intro from Lanslot

    Welcome to the forums @lanslot
  2. Hey everyone im new!! :)

    Welcome to the forums Tyler.
  3. Greetings :D

    Welcome to the forums. You ready for BF1?
  4. Hey there!

    Welcome to the forums. Make sure you stop by the battlefield section BF1 comes out tomorrow night!
  5. Hii people!!

    Welcome to the forums Aloysio!
  6. Hellow

    Welcome to the forums John!
  7. hi guys

    Welcome to the forums Rodrigo!
  8. Hey guys!

    Welcome to the forums. Come visit us in the Battlefield section. Its really cheap right now.
  9. Hello

    Welcome to the forums Everson.
  10. HELLO

    Welcome to the forums Eriky.

    Hello Elder. What game do you play?
  12. Hello people

    Welcome to the forums Lucas.
  13. Hi, People

    Welcome to the forums Luiz, glad to have you here.
  14. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums Ivan. Glad to see some more international players on.
  15. Hello

    Welcome to the forums Zbrovski.
  16. Hello Guys

    Greetings Felipe! Welcome to the forums.
  17. Hello!!

    Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you in BF4!
  18. Hello

    Welcome Douglas. What game do you have 1000 hours in?
  19. Hi! Moreira From Brazil!

    Welcome Moreira! Hope you get to enjoy seeing the Olympic games. Thank you for hosting the Olympics from USA.
  20. Hi ADK

    Welcome to the forums Rene!
  21. Novo na ADK

    Welcome to the forums Weslley! I hope you enjoy our H1Z1 server.
  22. Hi People

    Welcome to the forums Guilherme!
  23. Hi

    Welcome Fernando! Hope you enjoy your stay playing on our servers.
  24. Introducing me

    Welcome to the forums Nelson. Always glad to get more people from around the world!
  25. What are you listening to right now?

    @[member='HaRdLy007']   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB7D3CQs2WE

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