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  1. New to Community - Reesho

    Hey there! I'm sure you know me already Glad you decided to put an introduction.
  2. NoBlood_

    I don’t actually know the guy... never seen him before xD just kidding. Glad to see ya in here
  3. What operators do you main?

    I guess you could say my mains are: Attackers: Blitz Zofia/Ying Defense: Jager Smoke
  4. For anyone who is interested in watching this in the competitive game scene here's some info about it. View full article
  5. Rainbow Six Siege Goes to DreamHack

    For anyone who is interested in watching this in the competitive game scene here's some info about it.
  6. Wickytrix

    Cool, cool. My dad loves taking pictures.
  7. Wickytrix

    Welcome to ADK! What do ye like takin pictures of?
  8. Glad Population for the game is still growing!
  9. With the release of Lion and Finka. For those who have had the chance to get them already how have you guys been enjoying them? How do you like to use them? Just general thoughts about them. I myself haven't had the chance to get my hands on any of them yet but I'll let you know once I do.
  10. Too bad they won't be refunding the cost of any of them. Wish they would but can't due to "Technical Limitations."
  11. Hello!

    O.o Hearthstone we should play sometime! Anyways welcome to ADK!
  12. On a recent update, Ubisoft has stated that getting new operators and attachments will be much easier. Removing the cost of attachments and making the older operators free. Here's what they said in their blog post.
  13. Say Goodbye To Toxic Players

    Yay! Hopefully less salt and angry 12-year-olds...
  14. Hi

    Welcome to ADK! Glad to see you're already a member. You should stop by and give @BrassyIA a visit haha.
  15. Hello!

    Congrats on Member already! Glad to see you've been enjoying yourself here.

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