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  1. Welcome to ADK. What games do you like to play?
  2. What do you mean no pc games! Do you play on console? or what...
  3. Hey there! O.o you play warframe too. We'll have to play sometime. If you wanna add me my name on it is - Ox1dezomb1e because I don't care to spend plat to change it haha. Cya around
  4. Glad to have you here! I used to play ark quite a bit and the servers are great. Lots of new things. Hope to see you more in discord and in the forums
  5. Hey there! Hope to see you around discord. And thank you to everyone who has given their warm welcomes!
  6. hi.

    Welcome, as most of the others that have replied play overwatch and I'm sure they've already introduced themselves. Hope you enjoy your time here with ADK.
  7. Hey there, as noobslayer asked what games do you like playing? I'mma guess H1Z1
  8. You had me with the cat Haha anyways welcome to ADK and hope to see your around on the forums and on Discord.
  9. Hey! Welcome to Adk I see you're here because of the overwatch section. In all honesty that coyote is super majestic
  10. Haha first one here that had never played overwatch. Great and very active section. I play warframe aswell if you would like to play sometime
  11. Talk about bringing an old post back this one is from 2010
  12. @Dowin Better than the piss you've been drinkin. No fun size haha.
  13. Understandable, but sad to see you leave. Best of luck to the both of you
  14. Welcome to ADK! Glad to have you coming in for elite dangerous as it's slowly making its way back into ADK
  15. There's quite a few who have been playing ED lately including myself. I don't know about the snacks but you might bring some for the long space journey! If you wanna add me on ED I think it's CMDR Soap91. Look forward to flying with ya

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