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  1. About Me: SpecialistGrif

    Hey look, sarcasm on my post!
  2. To Admins of the Noshar TDM, the players have been requesting more tickets per game.

    1. ProtossMaster


      I mainly play dayz but when I play on bf3 I agree with higher ticket counts

  3. About Me: SpecialistGrif

    I would like to make it know that the people on the Noshar TDM server are asking for more ticket permatch. And yes, I have a competition in two weeks!
  4. Thanks to Hare, I moved all 200lbs of my clothes in minutes!

  5. Hey everybody, I wont be on for a while. My Brother got married and moved out of his room in the basement so today I am moving in. I dont know if it will take all day but I will try to keep you guys posted!

  6. About Me: SpecialistGrif

    I have played 1st Trombone for 5 years continuously, and I even surpassed the senior who previously held 1st at the High school when I moved up my Freshman year!
  7. About Me: SpecialistGrif

    Hello, I am SpecialistGrif, or Kevin. I have lots of experience as a team player. I say this because I have earned the rank of Eagle Scout in my local troop, provided friends with means for success at the cost of my own success, participated in a clan for almost three years, and DD'ed for many of my older siblings' events. I would like to be in your clan because I no longer function with the clan i was in previously on Xbox. I'm 16, live in Missouri, have a Letter in Band, a 1 Ranking medal for State, and a 2 Ranking medal for district solos. I have an academic letter, and a fairly high GPA. My hobbies are BF3, eating goldfish snack crackers, and sleeping. I also enjoy excercizing my analytic side by watching and reading peoples emotions and facial expressions to determine what that person if feeling and why. If you accept my application, you might get to know me more personally, and if you do, you'll be glad you did.

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