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    Cooler Master Storm Sniper
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    G110, G500, Steelseries Pad
  1. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    Lol KnightX I used to laugh my ass off when you told me you loved my style. You were one of the few. Although you cant argue that I didnt maintain control of that server and I had people's respect.
  2. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    I remember Admining that server when we first got it. Good times. I will definitely miss those days.
  3. It finally happened

    I too have lost interest in BF4. And really losing interest in BF all together. The series is dying for me especially after all this BS they pulled with BF3 and BF4. And how they pull the BS with premium just makes it not even worth it. Glad I didnt fork over for premium this time, I dont think they will ever fix BF4.
  4. Pepsi Got Bored This Morning

    Very nice.
  5. Anyone a Linux fan? Any Flavor...post here

    Mint, Ubuntu, and Fedora. I need to actually install a new distro soon. Xubuntu looks cool.
  6. For anyone who thinks we are violating the TOS

    Whatever is cheaper. Unless you know...its against our TOS.
  7. Teamwork at its best!

  8. For anyone who thinks we are violating the TOS

    Lets send him a fruit basket with some lube and burn cream. Or not.
  9. I hate battlefield so much...

    I quit. This guy is an asshole. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Y1CKv5728[/media]
  10. Windows 8

    Way to bring back an old thread. JK. The more I think about it, I think Microsoft still did a decent job. People are creatures of habit and comfort. How I wish the Metro UI would work is that it shows up over the desktop but not dominate it as such:
  11. all you americans.. :D

    Well screw Canada. Im moving to Brazil. I hear the ladies are hot as the weather.
  12. King of the Hill (TV show)

    Its ok Cheddar, some humor is too hard for some people to understand.
  13. A hard lesson learned

    When it comes to computer troubleshooting, sometimes locating the problem can be a real pain. Well today I learned that again the hard way. For a while now I have been having problems with BSOD. I kept trying to figure out what it was and finally concluded after a HDD test that my Velociraptor was dying. So I called up Western Digital and got a RMA and I cloned my drive over to the new one and I thought I had fixed the issue. One hour BSOD. Son of a bitch. So I worked out that I couldnt be my HDD since I just got a new. Turns out it was my stupid SATA cable. O well. The reason I posted this beacuse sometimes the smallest or unlikely things is what causes problems so make sure you exhaust all possibilities. Reminds me of a time a guy could not get his computer to boot. Turns out his CPU heatsink had a short in the fan and would not let the computer post. Anyway just something to keep in mind. Grim.
  14. Best Video card for your $$$?

    GTX 760 is probably the best bang for your buck. I have it right now with the ACX cooler from EVGA and well its pretty awesome. Handles everything I throw at it, and it runs super cool and QUITE.
  15. hack insult

    Or have some fun..or a lot...

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