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  1. Hiyas ya'll, Sorry to be so vague . I re-format usually twice a year if not sooner, I cant find the info I was looking for. I believe my Video card was benchmarked at like 75-90ish fps on Crysis, I play Crysis Wars online. My average fps was 90+, I screw with my settings all the time and have seen 140+ fps while in Crysis. I run a 9850 BB Phenom, on an ASUS M3A78-EM/CM series Board, A ASUS 5850 video card, Corsair 1066 + 6 gigs . I stuff all this shit into a RaidMax Case, Then add all the extra fans I think I will need, Not what some dipshit at the shop think's I will need to keep her cool.. I have been at this game a Long time, this is the first time in over ten years that I have not been an Admin, and I rather enjoy it. Iv'e been building computers since 1998, I feel like I just Ranted, Sorry if ya'll take it that way, I'm a Geek to the Max, Love my computers, Here's a good link if ya'll are interested http://www.ocworkbench.com/2009/asus/ASUS%20EAH5850-2DIS-1GD5-Review/review-intro.htm

    That's my card, my fps went way up after re-flashing my bios and updating my drivers+ the Corsair extreme ram helped LOL..

    Peace ya'll.


  2. Hi Switch, You are kinda on the right track. As you may know my Daughter has Cancer, The type of Cancer is a Sarcoma. Of the 50 some odd Sarcoma's that there is, She has the Highest level or grade you can get. Usually 6 months or less once diagnosed.

    I need to give you some background: My wife was a Nurse for 25 yrs, I have worked in 3 different hospitals, The last Hospital I worked in was UCD Medical center Sacramento Calif, Surgery Towers..

    O.K. Fast forward to 2005, I was building Our new house by myself from the ground up, I started having problems doing even the simplest of tasks . One Morning after I showered I looked in the mirror, And to my Horror I couldn't see ANY of my Veins Anywhere on my body. Went to the Dr had blood work done including a Rheumatoid screen. Dr calls me once he gets test results back, He tells me I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, And not just Rheumatoid Arthritis but SEVERE!! to the point where my Rheumatoid Factor was completely off the charts, With a score of 1710. Most people have a score of 200s-400s the Dr had never seen anyone with such a high score. I couldn't walk like normal, I couldn't hold a coffee cup with one hand, it took both hands. Sitting at the Computer was Not even a possibility .

    My Dr wanted to put me on "Methotrexate" A CANCER Drug!! I Refused ! I went on an elimination diet, AND Requested "Minocycline" Minocycline is an Antibiotic most commonly used for teenagers with Bad acne(very safe). O.K. back to the story, I Only ate Fruits low in sugar and Vegetables mostly raw. I went ALKALINE!! and over the course of ten months, Brought my RF down to the 300 range. And got my Life back! You have to understand, when I say I couldn't Walk right, I mean I shuffled like an Old man..I have since then been able to resume my house and finish it.

    Let's get down to the good stuff, My wife and I Firmly believe that I/we changed the "State of the cells" in my body, And we proved to my Dr that Rheumatoid Arthritis IS Infectious Based, He now has over 100 people on Minocycline for RA. He had NEVER used an Antibiotic to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, Or seen Anyone recover as I did.. I had Full joint involvement, from my toes to my neck and ears(yes small bones in the ear).

    Now Cancer and RA are related in my book, They both Thrive in an Acidic environment when the immune system is broke down!

    We have a friend that had Stage 4 Cancer of the Liver, had been through Chemo and ALL the Harmful BullShit!! Was going to Die, He went alternative, it's been over 5 yrs, He is still Alive and No signs of Cancer..

    We will be doing the same IF the Dr's Keep looking in the wrong place and Fucking up..and treating the symptoms NOT THE DISEASE!!

    CESIUM CHLORIDE is what our friend used, it Alkalized his body to the extreme and actually put him in the hospital for depleting his minerals . He used it wrong, But it worked anyway!!

    Look up Cesium Chloride, as far as being alkaline it is second only to potassium I think?? We will only use this as a last resort, We believe this will change the "State of the cells" and that's what needs to happen with our Daughter.. If you need more info please pm me , or just post here..


  3. Hi ya'll, I kinda screwed up. I Had all the best intentions of explaining what I believe is/was "The American Dream" At least the way I see it. And to hear your views, Everybody's different I think.

    But right now my mind is somewhat of a Blur. I have to be in Springfield IL tomorrow morning, and at the Oncologist's Monday at 10:00 am. Our Daughter is very ill, and we need to be with her.

    Maybe when I get home my head will be a little more clear, I didn't mean to drop a downer bomb in my own thread, It just came out.. I feel knida Fucked about it . Sorry

    Take care, and Thank You EvilChipMunk, I do need you guys i'm just not very good at this right now..

    Peace ya'll



  4. As usual ADK is Rockin!! I think ya'll should start a pool, set aside a small amount of donations each month. When the person that's 100k joins the server,Bells,whistles,Balloons all kinds of Celebratory Commencements on the server and website. Kinda like the 1,000,000,000th customer at the Supermarket, Splash the persons name and All the goodies they received from ADK on the Home page/Front page. Maybe even do a little advertisement on the MOTD/preload ?

    Well there's my 2 cent's worth.



  5. I think both the image gallery/Image up-loader, And the Chatroom are Fantastic ideas. The image gallery to me is a way to allow others in the Community to see part of my Life,Town or what interests I may have. The chatroom would also be beneficial especially for those that don't have TS3. .

    Thank's AOB



  6. Hello everyone , Wanted to wish ya'll a Happy New Year!!! And ask if there is a music section, or did I just miss it :P

    I was wondering if you have a song that you think describes you, or someone else think's describes you ? . Well here is my song, that is if I can post it right.

    My wife think's this describes me well ..

    Take care



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