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  1. Game of Thrones Series and Videogame

    i LOVE game of thrones. targaryen for life! i'm still cheering for the starks though. my favorite character is jon snow and Rhaegar Targaryen.. dude if Rhaegar had only survived... he would've been one fine king. 
  2. Tokyo Ghoul

    yea its like a prequel but doesn't have the same characters 
  3. Trump or Clinton

    Clinton, because i would take the lesser evil than Trump! 
  4. Sword Art Online

    anyone seen this anime yet? it's about this game people are able to log into and due to some unexpected issues. people are trapped in the game world and can't log out. Also if you die in the game then you die in the real world. if you disconnect the console from your body then you also die. The game is based on a mmorpg sword/gun world. You can level up and find rare loot. I LOVED IT. 
  5. Attack on Titan!

    omg why does it take so long.... sdaofajsflkasjf
  6. Tokyo Ghoul

    tokyo ghoul is awesome. have you seen the jack ova?? its pretty good too
  7. hello

    everybody is so friendly. i appreciate all the kind words!
  8. hello

    well i've been playing H1Z1 for few weeks now. i also play league of legends and counter strike go but i'm hooked on H1Z1 right now. I mainly play in a server called overwatch and the journey but after being attacked by hackers multiple times i've been looking into playing on a white listed server with my friends. most of them got accepted already so i'm pretty excited to see what it's like. i'm always up for a good pvp match more than raiding. Raiding is cool but can be a cause of a dead server which me and my group prefer to not raid someone and keep them in the server so we can just pvp with them in pleasant valley or where ever.    Basically i'm friendly. i don't get butt hurt over getting killed. i'm always up for a fair match but if someone is hacking.. omg i hate it. hacking is aids and the main reason why i want to go on a white listed server asap.. i cant play in a regular server because its too heart breaking to grind non-stop for 2-3 days and boom one tapped my entire team. boom goes our base and yes they get banned but we still lose our stuff. :(
  9. hello

    how is everybody! my name is jin and i'm glad to be apart of this community. i mainly play just h1z1 but looking forward to be playing with you . thank you!

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