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    Life in general. Reading, swimming, roller coasters, beaches, video games, cars, movies & TV. I don't know. So much to do and so little time.

    Elite: Dangerous.

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  1. Favorite Soundtrack?

    Danny Elfman never ceases to amaze me. His movie soundtracks are as varied as the movies he composed for. I have a soft spot for Oingo Boingo though so I might be just a little biased.
  2. Is this game good?

    I just got this game and after getting the controls down I have not been able to stop playing. Everything about this game screams quality but there is no driving story. You make your own.
  3. Play?

    I see that some of you have mentiond spending time with The Division. I have been on the fence about getting that game on my PS4. It looks great but so did Destiny. How is it? Worth the money orr should I wait a bit?   I know its a but off topic but since it was mentioned above I am very curious.
  4. Play?

    I am not an official member here yet but I am looking for partners to wing with. Trading, mining...bounty. Anything. I really enjoy it all and I JUST  got the "Season Pass"  and am about to crack it open for the first time.   I will be in the TS lobby as much as possible so if your online drop by and lets fly.
  5. Hello. I'm skywise

    Thank you so much AmActuallyGod.
  6. Just got this game...

    Thanks for the welcome BookD20. I plan on using TS as much as I can. With as complicated as the controls are in the game it makes a lot more sense.
  7. Just got this game...

    Enthuisiast, I know what you mean. With it being a very specific type of game and audience for it, I can understand why some don't like it. There is always STO for them. But this game has so many elements I appreciate and enjoy. I just got the expansion (season pass) and have not tried it yet.   I'm about to crack it open.
  8. Just got this game...

    ...A few days ago (but not Horizons just  yet) and I love it. I've been wanting to try for a while but mixed user reviews kept me away. I am glad I finally said **** it because there is nothing quite like it.   I wanted to introduce myself because I'm looking for a crew to fly with.   HellooOOoo
  9. Hello. I'm skywise

    Hello SLIMJIM. Have you tried ED yet? What is your game/games of choice?
  10. Hello. I'm skywise

    BTW, I found this clan listed on another website (http://www.radiosidewinder.com/about/elite-dangerous-clans/) for those who may be interested and/or curious. It was really just a random search but after checking out your site and some of the convo, it was a no brainer.
  11. Hello. I'm skywise

    Thank you for replying. I really have a ton of hobbies outside of gaming. I love reading, movies, swimming, racing, sports. I just love living life in general.   I'm also playing Guild Wars 2 and honestly have about 4 other MMO's that I am semi-serious about. I love ED tho but am very noobish.
  12. Hello. I'm skywise

    I'm interested in Elite: Dangerous. Got most of the controls down but have been really itching to see how groups/friends work in game. I have not updated to Horizons just yet but I intend to tomorrow. So..HellllooOOoo :)

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