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  1. Origin Account Hacked

    Did you check your machine for malware/spyware? It's unusual for an account to be completely compromised keeping the same password if it's hacked on EA's end. Also, EA is terrible about responding to things like this. Even if they were compromised, they wouldn't admit anything ever.
  2. Should we change #1 to somthing new and fresh?

    Double post?
  3. Let's Talk about Battlefield 5

    I'm honestly not looking forward to another Battlefield game. They're going to do everything they can to Pay-to-win it, and I really don't want to deal with that crap.
  4. So I got a bow....

    I haven't fired one of the offset cam type bows yet, but from what I've seen they're stupid fast. I have an older style compound that I've had for years that does really well.
  5. Meanwhile in Metro..

    I've done US vs US before. It was odd seeing a pair of Cobras shooting at each other.
  6. Linux on Windows.

    Java's catching up? Java's dead. Java died when literally everybody bailed on it due to it being a bigger security issue than Flash.
  7. What are your top 3 weapons?

    M249, SRR-61, and the Rex :)
  8. Linux on Windows.

    I would imagine so. 
  9. Addition to the Family

    I don't disagree with many of the points FOR 9mm. I have owned one and I will probably buy another just to play with. I'm seriously considering buying one of the 9mm carbines from Beretta. I bought the 10mm just for something different and I really like it. Yeah it's heavy, but it's not really an issue. 
  10. Linux on Windows.

    @[member='Bromance']    .Net was originally created to be cross platform. It's set up so it "CAN" be compiled to run on any OS, the issue is that nobody ever bothered to port it to Linux/Unix/Ect. That was actually the entire idea behind .Net.   Last year MS came out with some crap to give devs the ability to publish .net apps on other platforms. I haven't tried it (nor will I anytime soon), but it's a thing.
  11. Addition to the Family

    I was never a fan of 9mm. I went with the Glock 20 (10mm) for my standard carry weapon. 
  12. Linux on Windows.

    Powershell is Windows specific. The concept behind .Net is not. It's identical to Java as far as the ABILITY to be cross platform, it just never happened.
  13. I would love to see some oldschool weapons added like a Thompson or a Springfield 1918.

    You'll fill up a decent sized hard drive before you know it at bitrates like that.
  15. shotguns...

      I actually can't argue with this, it's extremely easy to read now. I kinda like it. (nohomo)

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