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  1. Hey there...i am druce

    Wolverine and Gambit are, for sure, my favorite X-Men. I cannot recall which film it was but they did show gambit, briefly...think it was one of the wolverine movies. Maybe i need to re-watch them but i thought prof x and magnito were the main characters of the first x-men films. my memory sucks, though lol ill have to torture the gf and binge watch all the x-men movies after apocalypse is released ;P i think patrick stewart was and is the most perfect prof x. i totally get that they needed (wanted) a young prof x but im not feelin this new guy ...just sayin.
  2. Hey there...i am druce

    yeah i think that's what i was remembering (but couldn't recall exactly) from age of ultron...and yeah sorry for long ass response. and my daughters names are Donita, Ariyah and Ariel...and i totally understand not wanting kid...there are days, man...enjoy your freedom.
  3. Hey there...i am druce

    yeah, well, i am by no means an expert but i really feel lucky to [still] be alive in this era where nerd culture rules--that we are able to see our heroes come to life, so to speak. when i was young i was bullied (a lot) and this was a time well before the internet and gaming consoles (save the NES) and my only escape, at the time, (even though i didn't even realize it until years later) was in books (comic books, mainly). on the marvel side, my favorites were the x-men (mainly wolverine) and spider-man (although, i read almost anything i could get my little hands on...thor, ghostrider, punisher, avengers to name a few (and i'm purposely sticking to the marvel universe)) ... i think they did a great job (still don't think they needed to tell the spider-man origin story twice though (and i'm guessing most haven't seen the cpt america civil war so ill just say how happy i am how they introduced spidey this time around)). i guess maybe i get confused when people discuss MCU...i mean, that doesn't include the older movies like the old fantastic 4 and the og x-men etc, or does it? i ask because i did like the old fantastic four movies but the new one was pretty shitty but i still enjoyed it. i guess i'm not very hard to please because, as i said before, i just feel lucky to be able to watch our heroes...even if they suck. it makes me grumble every time i read some self-important twit complaining about this or that new film being made "ruining" their childhood or however they express how they feel slighted...fucking nonsense...just the same, it doesn't matter what i think, either. it's just frustrating. i hope that they keep making comic book movies and shows despite what people say or think. sorry this is such a long winded response and i don't think i even answered your question directly lol i am glad they are adding more heroes to the avengers as the avengers aren't just iron man, cap, black widow, hulk and thor...anyone who tells you that they alone are the avengers are mistaken. love that they brought in spider-man and ant man. i've been seeing, lately, how different movies (and shows), while separate from each other, are connected...which is true except i feel that in some of the adaptations the characters act as though they've never heard of or seen a mutant...i'm pretty sure by the time of agents of shield, and the avengers, mutants are very well known...to be honest, i cannot recall the exact show or movie that the people seemed put off by the notion of a mutant but i recall thinking how ridiculous that sounded...especially now since the people making the films are saying that they are all connected...i think that that should go without saying but meh whatever...but hey, im wrong often enough. anyways, i gotta jet...baby woke up...later
  4. Hey there...i am druce

    right on man...when zombies come i think you'll do alright lol
  5. Hey there...i am druce

    i think i forgot to say that i joined this forum or whatever to play on the h1z1 whitelist server...do u all play h1z1 or not so much? it's pretty rough but i like it most of the time ... i get anxiety on the pvp side of it but im tryin' to push through it ... i went through a couple years where even talking in a game or like here there would be no way ... i'd just make an excuse to log out or end the conversation or whatever ... but, it's obviously getting a bit better, since i haven't shut up ... yet. heh ... sorry about that
  6. Hey there...i am druce

    lol alright then...what about you? what do u do to pass the time you're given?
  7. Hey there...i am druce

    hmm...i never really thought about it...i'm not very sure how to answer lol i guess anything that helps me escape the "reality" that i may find myself in...escaping is the best...best way for me to escape is gettin' blazed and game. i used to like the more traditional type of rpg's (pencil and paper) like Shadowrun and d&d but now that i'm an old fart with kids with a pain in the ass of a gf (j/k if she reads this hah) that's not really an option. when i think of the word past time i think of baseball but i was never into sports much at all so idk why i think of that except that its the "american past time"...but u did say passtime which i assume was either a typo or maybe u were tryin' to trick my brain into thinking about puff puff passtime or something ...idk...heh
  8. Hey there...i am druce

    also, sorry all for the huge ass picture of me, here, on op...i had no idea it was going to show up so damned large :| oh well ....heh
  9. Hey there...i am druce

    damn...that sucks, dude. if pain meds aren't an option for you, maybe you can try medical mj if it's legal where you are. that's rough, though, man...i thought my back pain was bad but doesn't seem so bad next to yours... i was also in NJROTC and was gonna join the navy but i was rejected due to diabetes...that really bummed me out but i got over it and in retrospect i understand why they couldn't allow me to enlist and i sure there would have been other reject-able things about me even if i hadn't been diabetic as for this computer...man...its not that bad of a machine...i have 18gb but its this damned video card that i didn't think was so bad....thing is this dell has a weird setup when i tried to get a better fan so i could support a better video card...idk how to explain it...the back of the machine has an odd shape that the fan has to fit through but the fan i had didn't fit. one of these days maybe ill figure it out lol its not that pressing of a matter to me especially since steam now offers refunds in case i get a game that wont run properly. it's only fairly recently (say a year or 2 tops) that i've been running into issues with it so i, at least, haven't been burned too much. anyways, have a good one dude.
  10. Hey there...i am druce

    hey man. thanks. i bought and tried to play ARK but my computer wouldn't run it so i got a refund lol looks pretty cool though i don't know what degenerative joint disease is, exactly, but sounds painful...is it in your hands or all over? i have carpal tunnel in both hands (from too much gaming) and had the surgery, for my right hand, like 3 months ago and it's still painful. It's a long-ish story and i wont bore ya with it but i probably shouldn't have let them cut me heh oh well...such is life, i guess.
  11. Hey there...i am druce

    yeah, well...idk lol i'm alright, i guess ;P fear is getting interesting...it sure is making me rethink my idea of gettin' a boat in the event of a zombie-type outbreak (although, i'd head way north in hopes that Z's don't do well (if at all) in the frozen north) heh...oh well. however, i do still like og twd but it's nice to get my zombie fix during the months when it doesn't air new episodes.
  12. Hey there...i am druce

    yeah, i play other games...i mean, when i have the time. i have too many games. i generally focus any free time on one game at a time. feel free to add me on steam if you'd like...look for druce with the same picture as here, if you do. also, my friend that i mentioned does/has been playing on 'a different kind' whitelist server for awhile now...dont think she's been on much over the last couple weeks though. idk i dont see her on much lately (think she's finishing up some college course(s)).
  13. Hello guys....my name is don but people call me druce. i cannot game as often as i would like these days due to too much gaming and i ruined my hands but i enjoy the escape far too much to give it up. i am nearly 37 years ancient and i have 3 daughters (i don't know if anyone cares but yeah lol :P) 13, 5 and a 1 year old. i don't know what all to say...i love star trek and star wars and comic books and zombie shows/movies/book (graphic and novel), gaming and properly ignoring my girlfriend. I don't know...i get confused too easily, perhaps....I joined the Whitelist server so i could play with my friend, Gina (barbie(?)), but haven't gotten around to playing with her, just yet...to be honest, i thought i was joining the =ADK= clan but no...guess it was just to play on the server...simply, just a misunderstanding between myself and my (our?) friend. anyways, i gotta jet...if any questions, or whatever, i'm around....y'all have a good one....later! -druce

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