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  1. Facebook

    Not sure if this is real but even if it isn't, I laughed pretty hard.
  2. Swedish Twins

    And then the M1 highway was closed for two hours because of a bloody boot.
  3. Dead Space 2

    I loved the first but I'm highly skeptical about this one. I know I'll definitely enjoy it but from what I've read, I doubt I'll like it more than the first. I'll have to wait till I get my hands on a copy and finish it. It runs on the same thing as the first Dead Space btw, the visceral engine.
  4. Star Trek Girl

  5. Gaming Rigs

    Completely wrong from a technical standpoint. You could argue that the GPU is the only way to improve the computer at that point and the rest of the system will not hold back an even faster GPU (and therefor limiting the performance), but the SSD is still the bottleneck of the system. Even a SSD pushing 300MBp/s down the pipe is FAR slower than the amount of data a GPU turns out. On top of that, you're pushing way more data through the memory and video card buses than any hard drive could do. Haven't you seen the famous videos up people stacking a dozen or more SSDs in RAID0? Yeah, they're still the bottleneck even then. Just because your CPU isn't hitting max load doesn't mean you're not hitting a CPU limitation or a GPU bottleneck.
  6. That's the thing though. Because of it's nature it may not become obsolete so fast compared to ATI depending on how games turn out to be in the next few years. I recommend chris' maxframes config for people really struggling often. I used it as a starting position for my config but it's a lot more aggressive than Arc's when it comes to lowering detail and making your game hideous.
  7. Gaming Rigs

    It's certainly measurable, but often not easily observed in real-world application. However, if something like the CPU is too slow for the rest of the system (IE, the GPU) then abating this bottleneck through overclocking can really boost performance without having to upgrade. Plus, with proper cooling and overclocking hardware, you really don't shorten life-expectancy that much. You'd have to be running your CPU for decades to notice that kind of degradation in precision. Light use like web browsing would probably still be perfectly fine. Nah man, that was just the American motor industry in the 80s/90s. It's possible but I doubt it because more companies have more and longer warranties than ever. They would just lose too much money replacing all that hardware after encouraging their customers to go nuts. Arguable. There was plenty of resistance to chipset manufactures moving towards the parallelism we see today with all the cores and threads. Designers and programmers would (and do) have to completely change how everything is written to take advantage of that. You obviously see this issue playing out today with expensive proprietary and load-intensive software (coughvideogamescough) varying in their ability to utilize such technology. Some games like Crysis, Bad Company 2 and GTA or software like 3DSMax/Photoshop will just eat up multiple cores. But run an older game or application and you wont see your quadcore break 25% (equivalent of one core) for that process, despite the load being stretched across all four processors. So to answer you question really, yes it's still quite useful. Sometimes the only way to get older applications to run faster is to overclock--it's just not plain capable of using all available cores and resources. And then of course there's applications that are so demanding they will easily max out any hexacore or octacore and you'll need to overclock if you want more. We should have been way over 3TB by now if companies like Seagate kept their word. Been waiting for this for what feels like ages.
  8. In Nvidia's defense, their designs are much more bold compared to ATI now. I feel that computer engineers would argue it's moving forward as apposed to turbo charging or stacking old technology like ATI. It just sucks for a lot of games right now because of how different it is. Plus, lots of games these days are developed for consoles and then ported to PC. Xbox 360 is commonly the lead platform and that uses ATI. Sooooo, you tend to get stuff running better on ATI despite Nvidia hardware being much faster on paper. You can see it in some software. IE Nvidia still remains price/performance competitive in some games like Metro 2033, Crysis, Dead Space or benchmarking programs.
  9. I don't know where you got that idea from. Source is an upgraded version of goldsource (Half Life 1) and goldsource is a modified version of idtech3, more commonly known as the quake engine. I guess it's easy to mix up idtech and UE because of all their similarities. However, UE was definitely conceived by Tim Sweeney who has nothing to do with idtech or source. I was talking more about the fact that TF2 is not optimized for 24 for players or more at all, not necessarily the amount of players the levels are balanced for. Ditto. My 470 lets me play at highest settings with 32x SSAA in TF2 if I want, but TF2 (source all together really) just doesn't like the Fermi architecture at all. If I want constant 60+ fps in even the most hectic situations, I need to run a config. Those with ATI cards tend to fair much better in TF2 because of the more traditional rendering methods ATI use however.
  10. TF2 is the only game some people play on their PC. Most people don't feel like upgrading their computer for a single game, especially in tight times. The game isn't optimized for 32 players either, causing frames drops even on decent machines in large servers. Doesn't bother most people, but some people can't stand anything below 60 fps.
  11. Anyone else excited for this? It's the only RPG franchise I enjoy. Legible scans First details
  12. cows & cows and cows

    It's what your grandmother is going to send you in her "funny" emails, five years from now. Sort of like how she only just found the I Work at Burger King video last year.
  13. Game informer has slowly been revealing information and videos since the appearance in the issue. http://www.gameinformer.com/p/esv.aspx Good to see that despite the audio director seeming a little uncertain on how to achieve their goals, he has the right idea with the game needs and will get it right. Looking forward to the technology they discuss for the engine too and whether it will be as impressive as it's made out to be.
  14. For LED

    This issue is because it doesn't matter how much you care or try, the government is still going to be a dysfunctional group of white old geezers who want to go golfing.
  15. Headphones

    598s aren't worth the extra ~100 from what I hear. Getting headphones at that price you may as well be spending the cash on high-impedance pairs at which point you would obviously have money to spend and accommodate them with proper amps. At least, that's my opinion. I don't know how anyone likes the CMSS. Some people say it helps positioning which I guess is essentially what you're describing but I personally think it ruins soundstage, making the positioning (as well as pretty much everything else) in games sound very fabricated.I recently just ordered these to replace my near-death Sonys: Should fit my type of music a lot better. Only thing thing I'm worried about is the pleather pads going bad on me pretty fast. I'm sure I'll be able to replace them with some velour or felt pads, but I bet I'll lose a lot of bass and isolation. In the future I hope to expand my collection with AKG or Grado headphones paired with Omega hardware or a nicer A/V receiver, particularly for classical listening.
  16. Star Spangled Banner

    She was clearly jelly.
  17. Gaming Rigs

    Overclocking on the new processors have their pros and cons. It's all done by the multiplier now, which is only unlocked on the "K" series, the equivalent of the new Extreme Editions. The good: No more shelling out $1,000 for an unlocked multiplier. It's really easy to overclock now, especially with automatic voltages. The bad: The FSB is almost useless for overclocking. You still need to pay a bit more for the "K" edition.
  18. vzw iPhone

    You could solve this dilemma by not buying an iPhone. Just saying.
  19. Don't forget -noborder, it's good for windowed mode. I use windowed mode too but not for serious play because it causes frame rates to fluctuate more and the in-game brightness becomes incorrect. You can use almost any width/height values you want, but I stick to correct 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9 ratios. The game is optimized for those and not bizarre resolutions.
  20. Born, Died Between 2 Tragedies

    I'm actually surprised she led such a life. If I was born on such a notable day, I'd be forever disconcerted over becoming a product of it. Nevertheless, a tragedy for sure.
  21. Gozer

    Gah, I always forget how many classics are from the 80s. Das Boot, Repoman, Airplane!, Blade Runner, Full Metal Jacket, Die Hard... what a decade.
  22. Heart Breaker Forever

  23. Voice Communications Drop Out Randomly

    Does it cut out input, output or both? I know Creative drivers are a pain, but it's probably worth a reinstall. It does sound like a driver problem until you mentioned it happening with in-game voice chat too. If the drivers were failing, the entire game's audio would probably fail too. You might want to try a spare microphone or borrowing one briefly if you don't have an extra, in the event that the mic is causing it to trip.
  24. Music

    This thread needs some chillout. Been on an ambient/chillout splurge lately. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhip6_ynBn0

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