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  1. Hi i'm LordNikon

    Welcome to =ADK= @lordnikon13! I hope to meet you in Discord some day!
  2. Hello ADK!

    @Melborne I'm waaaaaaay too scared of losing my character, and I don't see the benefits of playing HC for such a hard loss. The rewards are really outweighed by the loss potential.
  3. idk

    Welcome to =ADK= @major_dent! I hope to play some CS:GO with you! Do you play competitive? What's your rank!
  4. Welcome to =ADK= @Squidward! I hope to see you in Discord soon!
  5. Hello Team ADK

    Welcome to =ADK= @Jay-Rod! I hope to see you in Discord soon, and maybe play some games with you!
  6. Hello ADK!

    Welcome to =ADK=, @Melborne! I also play D3 but not hardcore though! I'd love to play sometime!
  7. Im New In Town

    Welcome to =ADK= @SirCloney! I also play CS:GO, and also Battlefield 4 and Diablo 3. I hope to frag with you some day!
  8. Hello

    Welcome to =ADK=, @MrSpike! We're glad you're interested in joining our community!

    Welcome to ADK! I'd really like to know what games you play @SilverCasket! I mainly play Battlefield 4, CS:GO, and Diablo 3!
  10. I LOVE Metro in Battlefield 4! So many good memories, so many different rounds played..... Whther its LMG suppressive fire down red stairs, or a shotgun to the back, I still have the same excitement playing it as i've had the first time I did!
  11. introduce

    Awesome! What rank are you in CS:GO? If you play competitive, that is.
  12. introduce

    Welcome to =ADK=, @omegakemoe! What games do you play?
  13. My Intro

    Welcome to =ADK=, @Shadowalker19! I hope to meet you in Discord! What games do you play?
  14. U w0t m8(Hyvem1nd's Intro)

    Welcome to =ADK=! I hope to meet you sometime in Discord and play somethinhg with you!
  15. hey let's SkaDaddle

    Welcomeo to =ADK=, @SkaDaddleMcDaddleShank! I play Borderlands 2 as well! I haven't played in a while, but I'd be done to play someday!

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