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  1. Well played out fight there.
  2. League TS Channel Rules

    Glad to see there are some understandable rules applied onto TS. Thanks for the info!
  3. I need to work on a new song soon...

  4. Hey guys!   Nightcast here. Been playing PC/Console games since I was but a bean sprout.   Went from NES, SEGA, Dreamcast, Gamecube, N64, PC (Still PC today), Xbox 360, Xbox One.   On MMO/FPS Games you'll mostly see me as either: Nighcast  (or) SirSkullfire   Games I currently play?    PC: Blade & Soul Minecraft League of Legends And just about anything I end up purchasing on Steam (Since I own 100+ legit bought games).   Edit: For curious minds, my IGN on LoL is: Nightcast   Xbox One: None. Have not touched the console for over a year now. And i'll soon end up going back anyways since I mainly play FPS games on it and CoD/BF series are my favorites. But i'm afraid my heart still stays with PC at the moment. Nevertheless ill return to Xbox One and enjoy gaming on both worlds.   'Cause ask any Gamer, any True Gamer... No matter what you play on... Gaming is gaming.     How did I find ADK? Through Bing search: League of Legends gaming community Appearing on the list on the first page of the search.   Hope to get along well with members of ADK! See you all around! Oh and yeah i'll use TS3.

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