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  1. I might suggest keeping the whole "resumé" style as well, also PLEASE, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD DO NOT HIRE KIDS. <3

    I has the Battlefield games on XB360 only... Only because my computer can't handle it.
  3. One Slight Issue

    I usually only use the mobile site as a way to read news on the go... However since I do this, I don't post often. Which in turn kills my "involvement" which is odd considering I'm too lazy to log in and post. Yet I usually read the news everyday, odd system right? Maybe I'm just too lazy...
  4. Battlefield 3 - Faultline

    Too bad my PC will not be able to play this! It can't even see paints in TF2!
  5. Clicking Links via Steam Messenger

    [quote name='GDICommand' timestamp='1299175011' post='4051'] lol and u guys call yourself computer saavy...the url is just to google, he wrote the rest of it using the bbcode tags hey, you guys should check out Pen Island's website though. quality pens there: [color=RED][url="http://www.penisland.net"]penisland.net[/url][/color] [/quote] I love Penisland's pens! They come in all sort of colours! Even Cagurrple!
  6. Help The Healing

    You know what? This whole situation in Japan has tore open my heart, I'll try to donate $100. All my current money.
  7. Funny Prank!

  8. Second Time I've done Zis.

    [quote name='Mitthrawnuruodo.' timestamp='1302601446' post='5893'] I'll play with you... Heh, heh, heh.. : | [/quote] The creepy laugh! It's in my head!
  9. Hello, I am Wombatus. I am a man of many virtues, including patience. As a generalization I'd say that I am sarcastic, fun, and witty. I use HLDJ commonly for musical and sound file reasons, but not spam. (Although I do have some spam files). I am definetly not a "try-hard", fun is my #1 priority. I do not have good hats in-game, but I do have a couple, (as of now 4 non-vintage hats). Poor Irishman status, I am. Anyways to conclude, I look foward to playing with you all, (ok maybe not all of you!)
  10. Looking for some answers

    It is my homepage, and loving it. (and the community).
  11. Anticipating a response


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