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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. Comp. died. BF3 on Xbox?

    'ello. My tower just died and I don't really feel like buying a whole new one right now. I am wondering if anybody on here has BF3 on xbox/routinely plays on xbox, as that is where I will be playing for the foreseeable future. I should be on quite a bit the next few days, assuming sandy doesn't demolish my neighborhood. Decker89 is my gamertag, feel free to add me.
  2. It's for you...everyone :)

    My head does honestly hurt now. It's a good thing the Cleveland, Ohio, has their priorities straight. Gotta get dem obama phones, its just the beginning!
  3. Hello

    My name is Andrew (IGN: Major Derp or Decker89). I discovered you all via DayZ and am excited to be a part of the community. I will spend the vast majority of my time in DayZ, however I play a lot of Xbox 360 games and Counter Strike Source/other games on Steam. I look forward to meeting and gaming with everybody

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