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  1. Too true! Getting those headshots in melee against wolves and zombies are a must!
  2. In League of Legends there is a character that has this, ZIggs...that would be too funny
  3. I couldn't agree more! infinite ya, it's been one
  4. Had a quick first night with the clan and definitely look forward to gaming more with everyone...first time white listing!
  5. Would love to hear some new tips and tricks!   A few I have is:   - Place sleeping bags on your ramps, in front of gates, in front of doors, etc...IED's can't be placed on them. - When placing your inner and outer gates, do not put them on the same side of the base (parallel) *don't want to share exploits but it will protect you from both gate being damaged at the same time - When parking vehicles in a base with a foundation, park it in the end highest off the ground *don't want to share exploits but it will protect you from people coming in - Use upper large shelters to fully 'roof' your base so people can't shoot in on your vehicles   Hope this helps :)
  6. I know this is an older post, but hope this helps.   With a crew and a car is best...but if you have to solo grind, I have found getting a crowbar with a bunch repair kits and head to the dead-end road at A8 (west of Hemingway) and crank on that car. No one really goes down there (no real resources there) and with the straight road you can see them coming a mile away.
  7. When you type /loc or /respawn or what have you, you can just press enter and then arrow up, and will repeat the last command. That way you don't have to type it every time.  Every second counts when running back to your loot  lol
  8. I usually have this one up in the other monitor...hope it helps!  
  9. H1Z1...braaaaaains

  10. Boring stuff: M-37 Eau Claire, Wisconsin Tag: L8nytr (late nighter) Games: All over the map, lately got the itch for H1Z1, BF4, FO4, GTO5, XCOM, CIV, League, Rocket League and a few other crap-tastic games   More boring stuff: Had a good crew of surviver H1Z1'ers, but has dissolved as of late to other games, only BR's, ARK, and rage'rs that want to kill the devs.  I on the other hand, still enjoy the game (the grind, loot runs, building, raiding) and want to get established with a solid group of people in hopes that this new h1z1 split and new Dev team really take over and makes this a kick ass game.   When I am not gaming, my spare time goes to owning/running a website development company lol. Got a cool dog, kinda hate cats, like Chinese & Mexican food (but who doesn't) Girlfriend kicks ass and is my PIC in LAN parties and conventions. She is also due in June with our first child which I am super pumped for!   Got a pretty good PC rig and headset - so no tech excuses if I get everyone killed hahaha   I stay pretty chill, not crazy/obnoxious in comms, no anger issues, work well with others and can pull off a 360 no scope...anything else just feel free to ask!     Look forward to gaming with guys!   Dave     [attachment=7617:profile.jpg]

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