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  1. Hmm...I unlocked 1 thing on a Final Stand map...

    received 10 200%er's today. was a good day.
  2. Help needed on Game Capture Software

  3. I'm happy to know now that it's About population and not the merits of ping hurting/helping/being annoying. Good to know. Never hurts to get more opinions too!
  4. Video Card Advice?

    You can play bf4 maxed out on that card? Guess it's time to update the 7970
  5. Gaming Scholorships!

    that is my point
  6. Gaming Scholorships!

    He is way healthier than anyone here. In case you never knew he trains everyday burning more calories than you eat in one day most likely. Yet we want to promote sitting on our ass all day as a sport. That's our tax dollars hard at work.
  7. Gaming Scholorships!

    As much as I love gaming, this is sad and not what is helping the obese kids we have today.
  8. ADK vs TBG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What I was trying to say last night is that you should work on getting commitments from people so you arent scrambling to get people at the last minute. That's stressful. The scrim should be played in an unranked server so your kd won't change
  9. ADK vs TBG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are going to have a tough road organizing something like this. this has been tried recently and in the past and as you might know sometimes it is very very disorganized.  this has lead to ass kickings so be careful.   also remember, a majority of members here are here because of metro and lockers. thats not conducive to a good team for the most part unless you play those maps.    just a heads up.
  10. Do you even knife bro?

    You can counter a counter now btw. I've done it a few times
  11. Punkbuster bans

    Look his name up and look at the screen shot. If he's still banned then he probably was. When was this?
  12. Punkbuster bans

    i hear that if you dont hack you wont normally get banned by punkbuster... weird lol
  13. Revisions that should be made for recon players

    Recons need more suppression imo
  14. Kicked for ping.

    OK. i think that saying only people who donate have opinions that matter is highly inappropriate and not indicative of AOBs opinion. So i guess that makes two of us who have opinions that dont matter sense we dont donate money.    this is way off topic though. guess you are in a more argumentative mood then i am.
  15. Kicked for ping.

    I am not interested in making this another thread that will cause a disagreement and therefor get locked. People know my opinion and people also know that I am in the majority. I will also State that I don't think the issue is about ping as much as its about hurting population. If a ping limit lower than it is now would not hurt population in AOBs eyes I do believe we would have one. I do not plan on commenting again as I want to get another thread locked but I'll remember how to get changes made. Money speaks I guess.

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