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  1. Battle.net ID Tags

  2. avenged sevenfold?

    That is actually one of the many songs that I like from Avenged Sevenfold.  It has a very good chorus to it and it goes really well with a lot of things to do.   I also like Bat Country and Beast and the Harlot as well, mostly because i listened to them a lot through the T.V. or through Guitar Hero.   Still amazing songs though, they will keep going strong.
  3. Workout music

    My workout music consisted of a lot of Savant, because their music had some parts that went really fast causing me to speed up, and some parts that would slow down causing me to slow down, and it felt like a very good interval type of music to listen to when doing cardio or pacing.   When it comes to lifting or body workouts then it switches to 60's-90's popular hits, to get the mentality going.
  4. Music when playing video games.

    I listen to a lot of electro/dance music, because I feel that when I am playing a video game, that when certain beats or drops play, that it kind of plays into the rhythm of how I am playing in game, making me seem like I'm doing better when in reality I'm moderate.   Music has a very influential power over the people who listen to it.  So if you want to walk tall, listen to some BAMF music.
  5. Subbed or Dubbed

    I always watch anime with sub mode, because i would rather read it in english but at least hear what they are saying in the originally intended language.   I have only used dubbed for One Piece because that is how I watched it when it was on Toonami, and it isn't even dubbed for the entire series, which is a massive amount of episodes.
  6. One Punch Man favourite characters?

    I have to admit, my favorite character within this entire series had to be Puri Puri Prisoner, just for the fact that within every battle he had, his clothes would disappear and he would be completely naked, and still had the courage to fight.   What a beast!
  7. Powerball Anyone?

    I attempted the powerball once, and even thought my heart was racing because I knew that i wasn't going to win anything, I didn't win much back, but hey, at least I won something in return.   I can understand and draw a line where this powerball thing can get out of hand, at least I didn't succumb to it's dangerous power.
  8. What is your favorite breakfast?

    In the morning on special days, I make my own breakfast in a different way.  I called this creation Chameggs.  All it literally is, is sliced ham into little thin chunks, mixed in with scrambled eggs and cheese.  With some ketchup and a pinch of salt, all you have to do is mix it up and before you know it, you are in breakfast heaven.
  9. Looking for android games

    You could play Clash Royale, a new game that was released by Supercell.  It is a game almost like Clash of Clans, but instead of building massive troops, you use cards that represent these characters, and you have a limited amount of elixir that allows you to play these cards.   It's like a mixture of Hearthstone and Clash of Clans, and it can get really addicting.
  10. I feel as though Donald Trump, if he were made into a character on Game of Thrones, would play his part a little too well. Even though he isn't making sense, it's interesting to watch.
  11. Overwatch Sub Forum Once it's released?

    I hope they do.  I have been aw-ing in excitement over the fact that Overwatch is going to allow preorders to start earlier in the Open Beta.  I can't wait to get an early start.   It would be good because it would allow Overwatch players to mingle, create teams, strategize, wins games and get some amazing footage for montages/videos/tutorials etc.   Let's make this a thing!
  12. Magic: The gathering

    I used to play Magic: The Gathering back when it was Return to Ravnica.  I had such a great time playing during those times, but my friends always had an advantage over me and that was that they had money to spend.   I felt like it was so paid-to-win, but in card games, you really can't classify it as that because you have to BUY the cards in order to PLAY the game.   So I gave up.  I still have a ton of cards in my closet that I no longer have a need for and have been meaning to get rid of ever since.   No reason to really stop playing though.  I just wasn't financially apt for the game.
  13. Hello again everyone!  Here's another great book suggestion that you all should read (if you are into this type of genre/material).   The book I am presenting today is another one of my favorite books called "Choke."  This book.... i mean.... oh my gawd.... sometimes i can't even explain some  of the type of things that even go on in this book.  It kept me hooked within the first couple of pages, and after that, i ended up reading it in less that two days, only to want more that I couldn't have.   This book contains some very graphical things, but they only add to the story about the main character and his agenda throughout the story.  Other than that, this book does have some very interesting twists and turns that even I couldn't point them out before they hit me like a brick wall straight to the face.   It is only a 300 page book, so it's kind of a short read, but it might take longer than intended if you are one of those readers that likes to try to map everything and piece stuff together before finishing the book in it's entirety.   Thanks everyone for allowing me to show you another recommendation about suggested books that everyone should read.  Lets keep this suggestion train rollin and rollin and rollin. :D  :D  :D
  14. Anyone See The Interview?

    It was good when I first watched it, but it wasn't as good after when everyone was talking about all the controversy and stuff it created.  The feelings just kind of went down hill after that.   It would of been a better movie if it wasn't so majorly hit by social media and was actually able to be released in the movie theaters, but yet again, there is a good reason as to why it was kept out of the movie theaters for good.
  15. Sausage Party Trailer

    I have to admit when I first saw this movie, I ended up saying "That's a pretty cool childrens movie!"  Only to realize that it had Seth Rogen in the character list. As soon as I saw that, I was all like Pfffftt, not a kids movie in the slightest!"   Looking forward into actually, after seeing the trailer and miniclips people are making about it.

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