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  1. 3v3 Overwatch Tourney 1/14/16

    I'm in, Jolly#1649
  2. Proph

    Have a steam name so I can add you for some H1Z1 shenanigans?
  3. Welcome to Zales! I mean Dales!

    Excited to play some H1Z1 with you my brotha
  4. umm hello

    All I'm thinking of is the Pokemon (which I think is just Gloom?), lol. Welcome to the club, it's good to slowly get out of your own shell. Remember, growth and comfort are not best friends!
  5. Hiii They call me Jennii

    Welcome Jenni, do you focus more on ranked or normals in league?
  6. WombaTube here, looking for teammates!

    Hey Womba, so you're still sticking exclusively with TF2? I'd say I'd play a few games with you but that's a game I haven't touched in forever, and probably won't again. Hope to see some of your content though!
  7. 私はブランドンです

    I see you're in the BF section of TS-- you probably won't see me in there, haha, never touched that series, but I'll be on H1Z1 pretty regularly. Thanks for the welcome ^_^
  8. Hello! My name is Spadez

    How is ESO? I still haven't touched it, but I love Skyrim and have played my fair share of MMO's. Do you play any H1Z1: Survival, or just BR's?
  9. Hi

    Shot you a steam invite, welcome and hope to see you on!
  10. Finesse Introduction

    What're you planning to major in Kevin? Pretty ambitious schooling goals, so I'm just curious. I stopped after my Bachelors-- I'd like to eventually get a Masters, but time and money are both an issue at the moment (it's quite expensive without a scholarship here).
  11. I´m FreakyBloud

    Are you Latvian? I have no idea how you have time to play all of those games with only three hours a day, but good luck to you! If you ever decide H1Z1 is worth your time, hit me up! I'll be around.
  12. I am a LuckyMF

    I wonder how many people ask if you're Australian, LOL. Enjoying the US so far? I play H1Z1 exclusively-- hopefully I'll see you around some time.
  13. Hey, I'm Ray

    As someone who finished 90% of my engineering degree and then switched to another major from boredom, I envy your drive to complete your schooling. I also understand the one-game-only thing, as I'm only on H1Z1: Just Survive-- too much time investment to play anything else. Hope all goes well for you!
  14. KMPhenom

    Are you playing H1Z1: King of the Kill, or Survival? I'd assume you'd be more drawn to the former if you're a competitive FPS player, but survival definitely has it's appeal (and need) of good FPS players. Hope to see you around!
  15. I'm the butter

    You have an... interesting name. I guess I missed the appeal of end-game WoW, but H1Z1 has me totally hooked. Hope to see you around!

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