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  1. Love you

    1. Phouqe


      Love you Booboo <3

  2. CasperDaGhost is here. Hi all i guess.

    Welcome to ADK Casper i hope you have an Awsome time!
  3. Hi i'm Phouqe, do you like PHO? i like Pho :wub2:

    1. Element



    2. Phouqe
  4. That moment when i realised that there were cute sheeps in BDO and you could PICK THEM UP!! #sheepu #NoticeMeSenpai


  5. I like the website i looks nice :)


  6. Sword Art Online

    yeah its a really good anime! i like it :D hehe pretty funny in some parts!
  7. ADK League Club (EU West)

    Add me to Club Viivil 
  8. I trolled Frement today i feel like i have reached a new goal in my life

    1. jbyrns1993
    2. Frement


      This is why we can't have nice things...

  9. Sausage Party Trailer

    Omg thats so horrible i was like.. OMG NOOO WHAATT?!!?!?
  10. Thump's Vacation

    have a nice holiday!!  :lol:
  11. It's a Pho

    @[member='itsPatronus'] Heey yeh haha League of legends is a good/fun way to get someone into online gaming well thats what i think haha.. I enjoy playing it alot ( i dont get mad or rage about things hahah i make it more fun and laugh at all the silly yhings i do haha i am not ranked or good at it haha i play for fun!)   i am indeed enjoying my time i recently purchsed the game BDO and i am enjoying it alot ! the champion i play the most is Miss Fortune (ADC) and Nami (Support) i havent been in any other lanes.. soooo yeah xD   
  12. Member Picture Thread

    Me Most of the time ..
  13. It's a Pho

    hahaha we enjoy each others company alot Hahaha XD 
  14. It's a Pho

    "WHAAA NONONNONONONONO!! WHATWHATWHATWHAT waitwaitwaitwait" @[memmber='laith SJ'] that is his reaction xD always xD     haha  |B)  |B)  |B)  |B)
  15. It's a Pho

    haha it was supposed to be frement and laith XD (laith the one shaking his head xD)

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