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  1. So, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've realized that your ranking is based off of a few things; Kill Participation, Creep Score, and Deaths. Creep Score seems to be that you must end with at least 9 cs per minute, and the kill participation is usually 65% or higher, with the deaths being as low as possible (4 or less). Is there any confirmed way to know how to get an S ranking? I've only gotten Mastery 7 on Shen, so I'm not very educated on the topic. I'd love other people's input.
  2. Do you think Urgot is a bad champion?

    Urgot is a decent champion, but there could be some changes to his kit. Such as a stronger ult, to make him either do more damage to the target or become tankier than it does. Or possibly make the slow from the w just be a standard on his q when the e is on him, and then just have the shield be stronger? His overall mobility kind of defeats him, but a skilled player can usually still juke people.
  3. Zurith Is Here

    Hello, my name is Zurith, and I'm applying to join the ADK community as an H1Z1 player. I play League of Legends (Shia LaBIueBuff), H1Z1 (Zurith), and CS:GO (Zurith) as my three primary games. I also have over a combined 10,000 hours on all Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. I am here now because Thunder won't stop harassing me into joining ADK, since I'm basically a member in the H1Z1 community anyway. I also have three tattoos and am hung like a hamster. Here's a picture of my battle uniform in H1Z1.

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