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  1. What's happening with Battlefield

    I think the best thing to do is for everyone to uninstall BF1 and play 24/7 BF4 Metro. All leading experts on the matter have come to this conclusion.
  2. I've been playing the closed alpha and it definitely seems to have some promise. If you have Amazon prime or Best Buy gamers club you can get it for 20% off. Green Man Gaming has it for 23% off right now as well.
  3. BF1 Closed Alpha

    Well, the 2nd rule for the NDA addendum states that we can say we are in the "Closed Alpha Club."
  4. RARE double knife

    Glitchy BF4 knife strikes again. hah.
  5. New Mouse

    Dang, 5 months? I've had my mouse for over a year with no problems just yet (Razer naga epic chroma). Don't those have at least a 1 year warranty? Either way, the logitech g502 looks pretty good and should serve you well.
  6. Well this will definitely be something to watch. Should be a good indicator of what's to come.
  7. As it stands I think the current ticket count is fine on metro. The matches are already pretty long. Plenty of chances for both teams to turn the tide. I think people usually leave based on the time they've played. While with a higher ticket count players might stay a bit longer to finish the round, it might be the case that even more people leave at the end of the round due to the increase in time required.
  8. just knifed a few people

    That was pretty awesome, I saw the first 3 and was impressed, but then you kept going. Nice knifing.
  9. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    I'm going to wait for reviews first. If the gameplay looks solid and people like it I'll probably wait till I can get it for $40 or less. Not gonna pay $60 for a download only game. I also wish they would allow the modding community to have a crack at the game. BF2 was largely influenced by the Desert Combat mod for 1942. There's also the BF1918 mod, another 1942 mod, which I think was mentioned during the BF1 unveil. I think they're just afraid that it will detract from sales of their own expansion packs.
  10. I feel bad for this kid.

    Yeah, I highly doubt this is real.
  11. Battlefield 1 PC Version NO DISC INCLUDED

    While I don't have the stats on this, I highly doubt that the majority of people playing battlefield 4 are playing on a barebones PC bought from Best Buy with bottom of the barrel components and a lack of a disk drive. While PC games could be on Blu-ray and it would be more convenient, they have never been sold on Blu-ray disks. In fact, the PS4 and XBONE not only have Blu-ray drives, but their games are sold on Blu-ray disks. When it comes to PC, the current physical standard is DVD. My post said nothing about getting rid of using digital services. Before there was origin and steam, games were still updated with patches that had to be downloaded. Patches have always been expected, even when expansion packs were sold on disk. I'm not sure where consoles came into the picture from my post. I don't play on consoles either, so I don't know if all the game data is included, but I do know that both the PS4 and XBONE have a Blu-ray drive and actually use Blu-ray disks for its games as I said above. Those have a 25-50 GB capacity, which given that console games almost always have significantly lower res textures and toned down graphics, I think that's more than enough, but I could be wrong. As for the "require installation or part install," that's actually a good thing for consoles. PC games used to run on disk years ago, but have required installation on a hard drive for quite some time. Having the data on internal storage typically improves loading times dramatically, especially with an SSD. Games have to be installed regardless of the source on PC. Digital or from disk doesn't matter, the game needs to be installed to be played. I pretty much highlighted this in my post by detailing all the materials and resources required for a disk and how I believe the cost is higher than a digital download. The main point I was trying to strike across is the fact that I believe we should not be charged as much for a download as we are for a disk if the difference in cost to the publisher is significantly less for a download vs a physical copy. Unless someone provides statistics showing that digital downloads cost the same to the publisher as a physical disk with the associated materials cost, I think everyone should feel screwed over, PC and console players alike. Especially if it is a significant cost savings to the publisher. Saying I would use a DVD as a coaster is hilarious. I have never "throw[n] away" my games. I have every copy of every game I've ever bought on disk. There are quite a few older games that I still play that have yet to be re-released as a digital download. You realize that before digital downloads even existed there was still online multiplayer? Also, you don't need to be online to play single-player games with origin or steam. There is an offline mode, I just tried it with Battlefield 4's single-player campaign and had no issues.
  12. I actually really enjoy a good single player campaign. Even for an FPS shoot em up. I always play the single-player first. I know some people who never even play the campaign and jump straight into multiplayer and don't look back. Mass Effect 3 tried to have multiplayer integrated with single-player, but it really wasn't that great of an implementation. I feel that with Battlefield 1 they could do some pretty impressive things with a single-player campaign since this is pretty much the first AAA game set in WW1.
  13. Activision's Reaction To The Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer

    While I haven't played CoD since CoD 4, I do know that myself and many others loved the first modern warfare. As does Infinity Ward and Activision... I think it's a pretty cheap trick to force players to not only buy their new game, but have to buy the $79.99 "Deluxe" edition just to get a remastered 9 year old game.
  14. BattleField 1 Video you will love

    Looks like RustyBulletzz beat you to the punch. Check the post before this.
  15. Activision's Reaction To The Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer

    That was pretty good. Lol.

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