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  1. Ask The Challenger

    @Bobbyit really just is personal preference mah dude. Getting better at league or any competitive game for that matter. Is all about consitancy. So I recommend you play the role that you personally find enjoyable to play because that way you’ll feel more enclined to grind out more games. if for example you force yourself to learn and play mid lane because you think it’s the best role and you’ll climb but deep down you know playing top lane is more rewarding because you find the champs more fun to play you’re just going to put yourself on tilt much faster. For example back in season 2 when I was a silver tard myself the reason I played jungle was simply I looked up who was losing more games and made it my mission to tilt that fucker and that’s what made me a jungler. But here’s what I recommend you do. W.e role you decide to play STICK TO IT. I see so many low elo players maining jungle. Then mid. Then top. Week after week. All this will do is make it harder on yourself to learn and develop your skill (which all of us have to do with consistency and time. A lot of time). And when you do pick a role pick a nice small champ pool to play with 3 champs on main roll 1 maybe 2 on second. And make sure that these champs are all similar in play style or have big areas that are the same so even tho different champ the basics don’t change. For example lux ori Annie. Are all extremely similar in the way you farm push pressure team fight and position are all almost identical. This way all the things I listed you’ll develop and learn as you play. If you play ori fizz galio mid. They are all completely different to each other and over time you’ll have to learn many different skills and it’s just going to slow down your learning and climb. The more you learn and Develop as a player the more your elo will slowly follow up with you.
  2. Ask The Challenger

    So firstly why am I making this post? I get messaged on discord a lot with all kinds of questions related to league or people will join my room on discord to ask questions. I don't have an issue with this at all, however the one thing that does become annoying are the same questions that get asked more than once. Now the reason why I am making this post. This is a post for the ADK community's league players that are keen to improve and climb higher in ranks, A place to ask all kinds of league questions whether it's champion specific, how to change mentality, item builds, scenarios from your solo Q games, improving on a role, ETC. I will be paying close attention to this post over the preseason as I have no scrims or tournaments until next year, checking it daily. After awhile ill look back at the types of questions I get and look into making guides or post on popular topics. For example if I get a lot of jungler style questions i will look on making a jungler guide made and tailored to the ADK community. A little bit about myself so you know you can trust my answers. I first hit challenger back in season 3 when only 50 people could be placed challenger. The following season i managed to maintain 3 accounts top 100 of challenger which is what helped me join my first pro team n!faculty. After a few teams I received an offer from Copenhagen wolves where we made it playoffs, right at this time I received a competitive suspension from riot and had to step down to a sub role. (You can find info on all my past teams and team mates off a wiki in case anyone is interested) Thanks, Huskay
  3. How do you feel about the new Irelia

    dodge the stun kite the W
  4. Favorite Pro Team or Player?

    100% Diabolus Esports, All 5 members are long term friends, 3 of which i attended my first LAN event with, Can't wait to see ma bois win something.
  5. I'm new c:

    Dota2? ew, but im also im in the UK for that same time zone other than most of these 'muricans feel free to @ me on discord
  6. Hello!

    i dont play either of those games, but ill 1v1 you pac man any day.
  7. First Mastery 7 champion!

    And so it should be!
  8. to answer your questions, no and no.
  9. Ask The Challenger

    @PelkyWell firstly stop thinking that you belong in a higher elo than what you are. Yes set yourself a goal, yes look to climb higher than you already are. Thinking that you should be of a higher rank blinds yourself to your own game play, you end up blaming others and paying more attention to what team mates are doing in game other than focusing on what you need to do within a game. This leads to tilt so if youre tilted from your team mates (lets be honest they're bronze. they dont know what they are doing so dont expect them to do the right thing) so this leads to you not pressuring the right areas of the map to play to your teams win conditions, so if you really are going 4/0 at the start of the game as a jungler and a lane starts to lose/feed you shouldn't have any issue with 2v1 or in most cases 2v2 the losing lane taking the kills shutting down and keeping down the lane getting a head ypurself. playing games with plats/diamonds doesn't just make you a plat/diamond player, yes ask questions and keep playing with them can speed up the process. My advise to you is with league you have to look at the big picture and try to ignore the stupid shit that your team mates are 100% going to do, its solo Q no matter what elo you are in its going to happen its just part of solo Q. So what you gotta do is just play to learn and improve as you learn and improve over time your rank follows up with you. Feel free to write here again, msg me or ask about what other junglers (streamers/youtubers) to watch to learn.
  10. Hello!

    Glad to see you singing up!
  11. What rank did you get in season 7?

    I don't have to answer your questions officer! i know my rights!
  12. Rank and Time

    you get out of it yourself flamer!
  13. Discord channel name ideas

    Pentakills Stadium
  14. Member Picture Thread

    @Soap91didn't know you played hockey as well soap
  15. Discord channel name ideas

    * swivels chair* yeah booby what?
  16. Introduction

    1v1 me tetris
  17. oh yeah urfs coming back! this room would be great.
  18. Discord channel name ideas

    I love the idea of traditions in general so creating one for ADK and lol is great whether this is the tradition to do or not. Every leader leaves a mark behind on whatever it is that they lead. All presidents/prime ministers/kings/queens names all get left in the history books.
  19. Discord channel name ideas

    the hidden heroes of the lore? the Easter egg names and characters. example Rengars trainer who found him as a cub
  20. Winter is here... (Introduction)

    you want some cheese?
  21. Busted or balanced?

    its not uncommon for supps to do most dmg in game, brand zyra vel supps for example
  22. Ask The Challenger

    @AOBLXIXThanks, i wanted to do something like this before, or do genuine coaching nights in ADK but back then it wasn't the best time.

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