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  1. adm, you can remove a workbench for me, because I put on the door of my shack, is to leave not have to enter (H1Z1 JUST SURVIVE) (If you can not, please ask someone) 

  2. Just Tomi the Tiny Asian Guy

    you w0t m8? Welcome @Just Tomi i hope i find place in ADK like we all have.
  3. it still says perma banned trolling dispute


  4. huskay I am still not unbanned from the ts


  5. well it wasmt me ive been fat kids for a while and there has not been a problem


    1. aussieboi


      I ment fat kid


  6. Canada eh?

    @Miki I wanna see all the snowmen people :(
  7. Canada eh?

    @Miki yeah i'll go with you ;3
  8. ♡♡♡ CIV6 ♡♡♡

    I dont know how much you've seen of it. but they have completed and totally fucked up the graphics :(
  9. Hello ADK Community

    Welcome! Listen to Any metal?
  10. Dawn Of War 3 Announced!!

    @Dowin Thank you! The only reason i havent put one in yet is the fact that the game hasn't been realised yet and there is no realise date either, didn't want to waste someone's time or have a TS room that wont be used from the game not being avalible
  11. Dawn Of War 3 Announced!!

    @Zsadist Yeah i was instructed to post here. I don't have the permission power to move it.
  12. Dawn Of War 3 Announced!!

    @midknight187 yeah, warhammer have always been flashy with there cinematic trailers at first then a month or 2 later you get to see gameplay :(
  13. Dawn Of War 3 is Finally Coming Being a major Fan of the dawn of war series I was ecstatic to find out that Dawn of war 3 is finally going to be realised with over a decades wait since the last realise in the franchise. For most people the first games they started off on was runescape, world of warcraft, pokemon, zelda, etc. Well for me it was Dawn Of war 1, it was the first game that I ever bought and I fell in love with the franchise its where my gaming "career" began. With Sega saying very little about the game or even confirming that it was in development on May 3rd 2016 they realised the official trailer for Dawn of War 3 Link here . Today I saw that it has been added onto steam with the trailer, unfortunately there is no price or realise date announced yet. We are expecting Dawn of War III to be released in 2017. From rumours around the Internet and given the date of the announcement trailer in May 2016, we do not expect Relic to rush the game for a late-2016 release. This might leave people disappointed, but many will argue that after the release of Dawn of War II and its somewhat poor reception from fans and RTS gamers, Relic will go back to the drawing board and attempt to release a game that can still be played 10 years after its release. What are we expecting from the game? Dawn of War 3's campaign will feature each faction converging "when a catastrophic weapon is found on the mysterious world of Acheron" according to the official site. Through the narrative you'll move from Space Marine, to Ork, to Eldar as each go about their business of trying to absolutely slaughter the others. As for the missions themselves, and how they'll be connected, there's less info on that out there right now. Relic have used such varied formula over the years it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll get this time. Dawn of War 2’s expansion, Chaos Rising, was choice-heavy and had multiple paths through its story of corruption and redemption. Dawn of War had narrative campaigns for its base and first expansion, but non-linear strategic battle maps after that where a series of skirmishes against a faction would eventually build to their core province for a special, one-off battle. It let each race have their own story but could get highly repetitive. Homeworld famously uses a consistent army setup through a series of story missions, letting you build and customise your force and then carry it between encounters. A line on the Steam page would suggest that's happening again. Of course, they also have to contend with the work other companies have done in the genre since their first games, with StarCraft II pushing how varied RTS mission design can be much further forward - a few too many death-ball marches or skirmish-likes will be disappointing in the modern era. Dawn Of War Multiplayer We can definitely make some more assumptions here - like that a modern, big-budget RTS will have a multiplayer component. However, beyond 1v1 and team modes, plus co-op as mentioned on the Steam page, there are a lot of options for Relic. Will they provide a co-op version of whatever campaign structure they go with, or some separate missions ala SC2’s Allied Commanders? Will a unique mode like Last Stand return, as hugely popular as it was? How well will the inevitable competitive community be supported, and how much effort do a company that isn’t Blizzard want to put into trying to revive strategy eSports? Perhaps most importantly, how will it expand? This moves into business model questions, and while we’re assuming that the base game will be a full-price all-in-one, Warhammer is so ripe for addons that DLC is inevitable. The Company of Heroes 2 model seems most likely, with factions added as paid upgrades every so often, letting anyone face against them in multiplayer without paying, but to play as them you cough up the cash. On the previous topic, the Ardennes Assault expansion also added a new campaign, so DLC in that area is possible as well. A lot of this could also depend on how successful the game is in its first year. A Dawn of War 3 that sells a couple of million copies is a far steadier base on which to build a constantly expanding service model than one that limps its way to a couple of hundred thousand, getting a single expansion before being shelved for the next big game. Relic have said that Elite units will be worked in by being selected beforehand, and they're considering MOBA-style picking, but haven't worked out the details yet.
  14. Hello From Birmingham, Alabama

    @[member='Tonycolley1'] didnt know there was a Birmingham in Alabama :O welcome buddy!
  15. NEW GUY

    @[member='STONED BONEZ'] Welcome! :D i hopw to talk to you more on TS :D

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