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  1. ADK League Club (EU West)

    Add me to club   DuelSword Kirito
  2. i wish my frame of mind was diffrent but when it comes to games of cs go my mindset it is set to comp and i feel i would be the kind to get mad at one person for killing me and dont feel i want to start anything with someone i home to call team mate or friend so i will keep my self out of inhouses   sorry :(
  3. Sad Day tomorrow

    your right there poor bubber i am too poor to get it
  4. Sad Day tomorrow

    so tomorrow BDO will come out fully and it is my bday and i cant get it thats how sucky my life is and frement keeps sending me screen shots trolling me and making me jelly :( lol
  5. #JustAkaliThings

    i wanna play the tank titanic hydra akali sounds really fun and intaresting
  6. Competitive team?

    there is a comp of this game?
  7. I Am Bubber Hi

    i tryed that game along time ago but idk if my pc can handly it but ill give it another try   @[member='ToastyGhosty'] @[member='Miki']@[member='Kriln'] Thank you to the rest of you for the welcomes   and yes Krlin thats my plan but trying to work out the times to be on with this community to get in games with people but atm not found one :o
  8. I Am Bubber Hi

    Hello    i am Bubber but my real name is james(call me what you will) :D   i am and bad gamer but getting better fast :P i am looking for new friends and new people to play with so i hope to play with meny of you real soon   Games: Cs go, H1z1, LoL and smite but there are meny others but always looking for more games too play

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