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Dev4station last won the day on June 16 2016

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    Snooker, Gaming, Pc building

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    Windows 10
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    FX 6350 Six cores 3.90 ghz
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    Amd r390 8 gig
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    Cooler Master 750
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    HyperX 16 GB 1600 Mhz
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    1 TB HDD
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    Astro a50 headset
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    Acer 22inch monitor
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    Corsair Spec 2
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    Razer mbamba mouse, Astro A50 headset and razer Deathwidow keyboard

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  1. Wow anyone

    Nah I'm good I like where I am ha ha
  2. Im leaving adk as a member.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nems


      your staying and we sort shit out .. end we will chat tomorrow ! 

    3. LaithSJ


      i hope this never shows up but it did , i dont know what to say , i will miss you buddy i swear , believe this : i never forget friends , i will always remember you . always . 

    4. DrDeath


      what about me Dev.. I love u to man :)

  3. As far as bad ideas go.....

    @Jetnoise Nice I'm new to this type of game I'll be back from my afk next week if you wanna teach me some stuff
  4. should probably introduce myself

    @Razze You should try out h1z1 kotk and just survive, If you ever did get it and want to learn we got plenty of people who can help you in our h1z1 section, You can build base's raid kill ect, Look on YouTube for more info
  5. What's your comp specs

    I'm thinking on upgrading from my amd CPU to Intel i5 or Intel i7 must be good for gaming and atleast 4.0 ghz. If you need to know what my specs are check the first thread / topic
  6. Wow anyone

    I've only got alliance characters on runemton realm
  7. Whats your GPU?

    I have an AMD r390 8gig quite decent upgraded from my Nividia 970 4gig
  8. Joining Dad on ARK soon

    I've also got this game aswell I haven't played much of due to me playing h1z1 and my other stuff I used to do.
  9. Hello!

    @Lighthammer Check out a site called http://www.cdkeys.com it's quite cheap on there and the game is battlefield 4, Good luck
  10. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums, I play battlefield and csgo myself, I'm also one of the recruitment admins if you need anything or got questions please don't hesitate to ask any of us
  11. Hi ;)

    Welcome to the forums
  12. Count to 1,000

  13. Hey people

    @OG Panda Welcome to the forums, If you need anything don't hesitate to ask us
  14. Hello guys

    Welcome to the forums
  15. hello

    Welcome to the adk forums @Pedro Henrique Mesquita If you like playing h1z1 just survive server check out the link below.

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