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    Hello!    I was recently introduced to this clan by a fellow member.  I was playing H1z1 solo as i stumbled apon these nice few people who gladly took me in their bade and made me their prisoner. Time passed and one of the members ADLxNepuNepu asked if i wanted to be clan member. Being a long term solo player, it was nice to see a nice person.  So enough about how i found this community and a little about me.    I am a Male I am 18 years of age I'm attending College classes  I'm majoring in Web Development  I like Dogs more than cats  I'm easy going  I'm silent unless spoken too (or until i'm comfortable with the people i speak to.  I play many other game but it suck playing them alone sometimes.    Here is a list of games i play:   League of Legends H1z1 Rocket League Cs:Go Worms Mount your friends    If you need anything else just ask!  Thank you all for finding me!

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