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    Windows 7
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    Asus z97-a
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    i7 4770/ i7 6700
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    geforce 770 / geforce 960m
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    16 GB both Desktop/Laptop (Corsair vengence for desktop)
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    1 TB and 250 GB SSD on both
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    Corsair Vengence 2100 7.1 Surround
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    Samsung HD 21'
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    Corsair k90 keyboard, Naga razer/adder chroma mouse (change it up)
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  1. Server Wipes

    @[member='Dowin'] and @[member='WarderKeeju'] thank you very much for the info and glad to see its not a weekly or bi weekly wipe, with the time it takes to do stuff in the game lol

    Dang seems like I missed out on this one lol. Says its an additional 15$ from the base 45$
  3. should i buy this?

    If you buy a pack now, do you get the full game on release?
  4. Hi, Im a Van

    Thanks! Didnt really get to play with you on H1Z1 this week keep getting on right as youre getting off or vice versa but maybe later in the week well be on at the same time.
  5. Hi, Im a Van

    lol Completely didnt realize that I was looking at the forum rank when I said this, was meant to be for Regenerate83  
  6. Hi, Im a Van

    @[member='OmegaGrim'] Thanks man, not gonna be on h1z1 much today but should be rest of the week if youre on! Can go raid some bases or make some loot runs.
  7. Server Wipes

    I didnt see it mentioned in the rules or another post so I apologize if I missed it somewhere and am repeating but what are the ARKs server wipe policies? Only when a new big patch rolls out/Scheduled times/never etc
  8. Hi, Im a Van

    @Enthusiast Thank you very much, whats your main game of choice?
  9. Hi, Im a Van

    Thank you! I have Elite Dangerous but TBH i havent played much lol
  10. Hi, Im a Van

    Hey there! I go by Imavan in most games (Im a van) most people have trouble with that in game get a lot of "Ivans, Eemavan (how they voice say it)   but my real name is Matt feel free to call me Matt or Van. Was playing H1Z1: Just Survive and my buddy and I ran into a few ADK members and Spaz ended up helping us out to get started. Figured I would come check out what ADK was since everyone I encountered was pretty much friendly and helpful. Ive been in a gaming community before in TAW - taw.net and was in that community well over a year but with my work schedule changing I was unable to make their mandatory practices twice a week. I play a lot of games that I see ADK is a part of such as CS:GO (Play this the most), ARK, H1Z1 and not so much anymore but BF4. Always enjoy playing video games with a larger crowd and just a group to just BS with. I m 26 from NJ, i travel a lot for work mostly a couple days every week but I just bought myself a nice gaming laptop to hop on while im away.  Been on H1Z1 more and more recently so hopefully be seeing a few of you around real soon! (And dont kill me when you see me please)

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