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  1. Who has kids.

    I have an 11 year old son Nathan who is in 6th grade, a 5 year old girl named Ariana and a 2 year old girl named Chloe, she is our baby. Being a parent is the most incredible responsibility you can have, make sure you do your best and enjoy all the good and bad times together.
  2. Hey there

    Hello all, I am Mr. Ultimate. I just was on TS talking with some of the admins who helped me with some website issues I had involving joining your clan. I have been playing on your =ADK= 24/7 Metro | No Explosives | 1000 tickers server for a few weeks now. I previously played a lot on the BRS Metro No Explosives server until I came across yours. I like your server a lot, and it is pretty low ping for me and seems to be well populated most of the time. Lately I have noticed a lot of players who are using questionable tactics and not obeying your rules when the admins are not around. One of the main draws for me to your server has been the fact that you do have rules and admins, this means a lot to me. I was a past member of the 21st SS clan playing FFOW for a number of years. Then they all switched to BF3 and I decided that this clan no longer held the same interests as I do, so I left the caln. I have been thinking about joining another clan in the US lately, now I found you. I have a very strong interest to join your clan and become an in-game admin on your Metro server. It really bothers me when players do not follow the rules and/or cheat. I will be hanging around on your TS so that you all can get to know me and decide if I am cool or not. You will also see me on your server destroying the enemy with me M249. Hopefully you will decide yes and make me a member so I can help out. Thanks, Ulti

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