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  1. South Jersey Meet

    Anyone trying to meet up next weekend for some drinks in south jersey?
  2. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name: DrDoom SteamID: DrDoom http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067424241/ Stream Link: Twitch.tv/doomsylvania Hours/Days that you can play: ALL DAY after 3pm eastern
  3. Hey, I'm Liz!

    I vouche for LIZ
  4. Teikirisi My friend!!!

    Awesome welcome my brother
  5. AK or AR15?

    AR always. 
  6. Pennsylvania

    @[member='VinnieIlDuce'] yo where in S Jersey im in Gloucester area 
  7. Finesse Introduction

  8. Season 6 Braum Support

    I really like Braum but i think im gonna bust out the Taric support this season and just build the same as braum. 
  9. Trump or Clinton

    To be honest i really think this president election is just a complete joke and its being turned into a circus act. I mean if it were my choice i would vote for someone who isnt just a straight comedy act most likely someone who is a runner up over the top two jokes of now. But i do think Trump with being a business man and with his ability to just get out of debt wouldn't be to bad on that factor haha. But overall im not voting cause i dont see any of the top candidates to fit with my class of american
  10. deadpool

    I really do not think the movie was as good as hyped, I actually was upset with it for some reason it didn't give me that excitement and thrill like most movies do when i get hyped to see it. kinda more dissatisfied but hey maybe i just was over hyped XD. 
  11. Post your favorite TV show here

    Parks and Recreation is probably one of my favorites! But honestly i really think Criminal Minds and Numbers is my hands down to watch shows now. 
  12. Outstanding Member Awards

    Its really awesome how you all have stuff like this going on in the community i can not wait to take part in more than just shooting people in h1 XD 
  13. Gday ADK

    Welcome to ADK you will have a great time here man!! 

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