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    Computers, Computers, and Games. That's it.

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    Windows 10
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    lenovo is6xm
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    Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960 4GB
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    EVGA 600W
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    12GB G.SKILL DDR3 1600Mhz
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    240GB SSD, 500GB HDD
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    Logitech Headset
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    Dell ST2420L 24" W Full HD LED
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    phantom 410 mid tower
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    Logitech G5 Mouse, Dell stock keyboard

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  1. deadpool

    @[member='darkelf1'] so if you don't see IMAX one it won't be loud or funny? Haha.
  2. I have a little jack Russell and it will chew a golf ball up into pieces in less than a few hours and toys too.
  3. Ping enforcer >150

    Its mainly just a thought. I was kicked for having 112ms ping in one of them servers. Average was like 50 or something.
  4. Ping enforcer >150

    This may be the case for this server as the reason I stated 'I think'. Most servers will say avg ping ××× and you are above it. Instead of it being a dominant number.
  5. Question - Reputation

    I don't understand how they would know you assisted in server population. You mean reputation would be given by an administrator then? None of it is automated? Thank you darknae for the link, helped a lot.
  6. Question - Reputation

    I am wondering how the reputation system works on servers. I am mainly from console and this is only on PC. How does someone gain reputation on a server? I've had the highest score in the server a few times which in some servers MVP adds reputation points. So how does one get reputation in a server? Time played? Most kills? Anything?
  7. Ping enforcer >150

    I think the ping is based on average of all the players connected. So if the server was in Chicago and most the players in that lobby were in Chicago or nearby as well that would make the average ping drop dramatically and kick players over that average.
  8. For MG4 lovers.

    Its nice, I was banned because of this gun my kpm was high on it. Its a pretty great gun the lmg I use the most. Great video.
  9. Hello from scottsm16

    @[member='Miki'] You most likely will if your ever on ADK #7 Operation Metro. I'd be glad to play some other servers if you ever wanted to play. You can find me in the Teamspeak and we can play sometime.
  10. ADK Scrim

    Guess I can't edit it, heres my battelog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/scottsm16/stats/1739290540/pc/
  11. should i buy this?

    It doesn't say this anywhere but I bought a AMD r7 370 and it came with a package for this game free. I ended up not liking the graphics card and returned it for an nvidia one, but if you like AMD graphics star citizens comes free with them and also dirt rally as well. My idea would be just buy an AMD card and get the game free and return the card, this wasn't my intentions. I dont recommend doing it that way either, but who knows maybe you can enjoy a new graphics card!
  12. ADK Scrim

    I'll take part in this, you can find my battlelog in my dispute I think. I am on mobile and cannot get it at the moment.
  13. What sniper would you use?

    None for me I don't like snipers, but on console when the game first came out I liked the JNG.
  14. PC or Console?

    PC is definitley the better choice, I have both for the experiance. With a PC their is a larger community, consoles just don't seem to have many players on anymore. PC is also easy to upgrade you can always make your gameplay experience different with upgrades. Also if your just used to playing on console you can always hook your controller up to your computer and play your games that way.

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