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Julio Cesar

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  1. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    I think that being in METRO; which is a closed, short map, because they allow shotguns are a very powerful weapon to wipe out the enemy layers with only one shot, it seems unfair to allow that in the game, I can easily be playing with my F2000 but comes a guy with UTS 15 and destroys me alone with one shot, and I have a chance, the map is very tight and short, easily one comes face to face. I think the managers are not being a little conscious about it. Think about it please and not be unfair in the game.
  2. This game is alive?

    I still play BF3 but very little, but in the bf3 I see better in the BF4 enemies, and do not know why I think that in the bf3'm much better. surely I used to see more clear and bright: D
  3. I love Battlefield 3

    yeah, I think so, it has much more color and adventure that BF4 even make it very dull, but BF3 is need in the new games
  4. BF3 is such a good game!~

    It's a shame, I just unlocked everything and was a high level, stop playing and now there is a BF4, I would like to use my stuff bf3 at 4, serious fun
  5. favorite Map?

    TDM: Noshahr Canals it is easy to slip through the containers and to stab your enemy from behind, it makes the game more entertaining
  6. Favorite Class?

    SUPPORT undoubtedly play is very entertaining metro and helping others using the defibrillator and curing them with my F2000 incredible damage
  7. Favorite Pistol?

    I like the 93R. most of all by the cadence and because it seems more a machine gun, many bullets per second makes great damage and if you point to the neck, you give head making an accurate damage and killing him shot
  8. Favorite Play style?

    I like it when there are many in crowded ramps subway and I go to rambo with my F2000 to massacre all but I'm going to die, at least I took 3 me and do great harm to the rest, that gives for my team between to victory

    I participated in the event, I think it was one of the best I've seen you, should aver more followed
  10. [BUY NOW] Battlefield 4 Reserved Slots

    hi, one question pelase, to buy slot, automatically entered to servers without expecting anything?
  11. PC or Console?

    I really think the best thing is the PC, most of all by the quality and complexity, I had the opportunity to play in the 2 platforms and console is a little simpler because it has a "aimbot" looks at change in the PC that does not exist

    I was able to participate in the event  in metro, there will be another event like this? and it was too entertained the knives: D
  13. Best weapon ?

    in metro = F2000 i my best weapon :D my darling, I recommend the 100, is not necessary to aim, shoot only
  14. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    because "NO EXPLOSIVES" Metro shotguns and bows are permitted?
  15. Member Picture Thread

    when I had long hair xD

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