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  1. Hi, Im a Van

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Hello :D

    Welcoming with handcuffs. \o/
  3. /Wave

    Greetings, I'd like to say this will be an interesting and engaging introduction thread. That would be a lie, everyone knows lying is bad mkay. Tagond found me in the H1Z1 LFG threads and this looks like the type of group my brother and I (Falcor) are looking for.   I'm 36, started gaming on a Commodore 64 and never stopped. I work as a Product Manager for a niche software company in SE Michigan in the US. I mainly started in FPS titles (Wolfenstein!) and was very competitive in Quake 1 & 3. In Quake 3, I led a clan called "Chaos Directive" which fought it's way into the top 10 east coast clans for Rocket Arena. (If anyone plays Quake Live it's like Clan Arena). As far as IGNs, I have gone by several but mostly "SereneKaos" and some variation of "Mr_Fantabulous".   Since my "Quake" days I have played all kinds of titles and genres, but as far as online titles the major ones for me would be:  Counter-Strike(s) (Never played competitively but I would say I'm better than average. CS:GO thinks I'm MG3 I think...if I remember right. It gives me a new rank every time I go back :)) Battlefield(s) (I played the ever loving crap out of 2142, everything since has been crap. But pretty crap) SWG (Best potential MMO ever until they ruined it. Especially the economy model) Planetside 1 & 2 (I led a beta clan called Mostly Harmless in planet side 1) Global Agenda (played very competitively for top "agencies") World of Tanks (I play for Thugz, a top competitive clan) Dark Age of Camelot (one of my all-time favorites) Tribes Warhammer 40K Space Marine EvE Online Team Fortress Left 4 Dead and many more All-time favorite games: X-Wing series Doom series (remember APCI Doom and DWANGO? lol) Quake series SWG Dark Age of Camelot System Shock 1 & 2 Star Control 2 & 3 Privateer series probably forgotten many I'm looking to get into H1Z1 with ADK mainly because in survival, you need friends. My brother and I spent about 2 weeks on Alastor made a few friends that disappeared on us after a couple days. It was a very populated server and almost every group was KOS. After playing for about 2 weeks our modest base was raided while we were both offline. Really kicks you in the nuts so to speak when that happens. So we figured we would find a bigger group of people to play with. I've played quite a few BRs and have my share of wins in regular BRs, 2s and 5s. I will try to get my brother to get his application in ASAP so that we can possibly be ready for the 2/17 wipe.   Here is a link to my steam profile.   Have a nice day!
  4. /Wave

    Thank you!
  5. /Wave

    Thank you and welcome to ADK yourself!
  6. RustyBulletzz Introduction

    Welcome to ADK eh?
  7. Hey peoples

    Welcome to ADK.
  8. New Buildings and Stuff Coming

    They need to fix how objects are rendered and plummeting FPS before they add to much more eye candy.
  9. New Weapon - Katana

    Your character better turn into a ninja and start spinning 720's and lopping domes off.
  10. Introduction thread - #4 will blow your mind.

    Rule #1: Cardio?

    Hello fellow applicant.
  12. Hi there

    Hello GamezMast3r!
  13. Hello

    Hi there! I used to play ED.....I couldn't stand it, kept falling asleep in front of my PC.

  15. /Wave

    Thank you and hi yourself!
  16. Yo!

    /wave at my brother!
  17. /Wave

    Yea! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and getting the ball rolling.   Thank you! I have actually been in TS since before I even applied :P
  18. /Wave

    Thanks! Welcome to you as well.
  19. /Wave

    I will check it out since H1Z1 can get annoying at times and CS:GO would be a good release.
  20. /Wave

    Thanks guys!

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