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  1. Herro

    Welcome to ADK!
  2. Long time lurker, first time caller.

    Welcome to ADK!
  3. Happy's Introduction

    Ok nevermind i fixed it and i cant remove the post... i get confused. Dont mind the last post
  4. Happy's Introduction

    @[member='Miki'] yeah i forgot to "mention" you in the last post so just look at the one i did before this one :)
  5. Happy's Introduction

    Wow thanks everyone for replying to this post, i am surprised that so many people took the interest and clicked on THIS intro! @Miki - Well i've played the sax for about two years now and i've played badminton for about 1.5 years now. I Mostly play Elite Dangerous and Arma III, i also play alot of games that are not listed on this forum or TS. Im happy that you took interest in me.
  6. Happy's Introduction

    Hello, my name is aHappyDog and yes i am a happy dog. I may not seem like it if you have talked to me but i can assure you that i that i am more energized than that. But in all seriousness i am just a regular guy with regular problems. Im a bit shy and get medium grades at school, i am 14 years old, i like to socialise with friends, long and very big hair, not very tall, i play the saxophone and badminton. Honestly the coolest thing about me is that i go to Swedens newest school. Oh yeah and i live in Sweden. I hope you like this intro of myself and i hope to get to know many new friends here.

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