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  1. Dear Slim,

  2. Islanders Tribe

    @Stealthyhttps://gyazo.com/85510722df06351e3feef70eed649339 Our recent tame
  3. Dear Slim,

    don't see any new posts on this topic . does this means we are letting slim off the hook now?

    Stealthy tried to get me to scream but it wasn't going to happen . I been killed by a giga before :P

    it was fun . hard to see where to go but still fun . prizes were cool. it was a challenge . going in as a 2 "man" team would b cool to try too just an idea
  6. Favorite dinosaur so far

    I don't know . I have several favs . spino argy quetz frogs ect they each have their pros . depends on what I want to do at the time
  7. We Found a Mosa

    They are hard to steer and see where you are going . the devs need to redo the saddle I think
  8. wierdest experience on ark?

    https://gyazo.com/3069a337c5327c0805afc5277383a212 stuck in between 2 of my large boxes
  9. Islanders Tribe

    Our tribe has a community manufacturing center at the top of the volcano just down the path. there is a industrial forge , smithy , fabricator, chemistry bench, grill, and a vault to store your stuff till your done or to leave the extra stuff for others. this is open to any one so if you leave stuff in these things others can take it, so if you are in the process of transporting stuff I would do it quickly. you will need to bring gas in case there is none . PLEASE do not block the aisle so we can get to our elevator. There is a water tap by the grill if you need it.
  10. Islanders Tribe

    Our Tribe is breeding dinos for fab polymer . we have not worked out all the prices yet but a quetzal egg is 10k poly, fully grown is 20k poly, a ptran is 500 poly. a Giga egg is 15k poly ( and just for the egg we are not raising a Giga) other dinos will b in between this price range . if you have ? ask us in game please
  11. Islanders Tribe

    our tribe (this is just our tribe doing this on our own) is currently making starter kits for new players to help get started. It contains a set of ramshackle chitin armor , a ghillie suit , 3 water skins , 2 beds, ramshackle pick & axe, spy glass, ramshackle long rifle( some ammo & tranq darts), a smithy , forge , 2 morts . this is a work in progress so it may change
  12. Islanders Tribe

    this is info regarding our tribe. We are not accepting new tribe members but we do help new players with starting gear. details in future posts
  13. Gotgutts

    hey I'm gotgutts I live in US , central time zone. I play ARK, CSGO alittle, and Planetside 2 ( just started)
  14. Dear Slim,

    Ok I made it through page 1 , ill save page 2 when I'm having a really reeeeeeally bad day
  15. ARK Easter Event: Please Read

    is the server updating ? or down? I tried finding it in server info but couldn't sorry

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